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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Milkin' Bull - Jayse Version

Greetings, and thanks for your patience, everyone!

I still have a few finished stories saved to my home computer, so I'm going to start posting them now. I haven't had the time to work on NEW stories for quite a while now, so these stories I'm about to post represent the last of my truly finished works. That means that there will likely be another long lull once the last of these stories posts to this blog, but rest assured, I WILL be writing again at some point.

Thanks again for continuing to visit my blog, and your comments are always tremendously appreciated. Happy February everyone!


Milkin’ Bull
Based on an original story by an unknown author


A big bull of a man gets talked into letting himself get milked by a much smaller guy…


“Now then. What to do with a big Bull like you?” the grinning young man wondered aloud, hungrily looking the huge naked muscle man over from head to toe.

“Well, I could use a good milking, my little Mouse,” the much larger man replied, a cocky grin spreading across his handsome face as he thrust his muscular crotch forward and pressed his enormous soft cock into the smaller man’s eager hands.

“Oooh, really?” the young man said as he flexed his fingers around the shaft of the huge, soft organ. He was utterly entranced by the sheer unbelievable SIZE of the fuck tool on this massive beast of a man — the huge, floppy cock had to be at LEAST 10 inches long in its completely flaccid state, and thicker than the young man’s own forearm. He couldn’t wait to see how huge this massive schlong got when it was finally hard! “You know,” he continued, “I haven’t found an udder yet that I couldn’t squeeze some milk from!”

“Oh, I’ll just bet!” the huge, masculine stud replied, his sexy smirk growing even bigger.

The pair had met that night at a club downtown, and had returned to the Mouse’s apartment to get better acquainted. The Mouse lived out in the warehouse district in a large, spacious loft, and he had no neighbors for more than a block in any direction. It was an exceedingly remote and private location, and that suited both men just fine.

The two men — the “Mouse” and the “Bull” — were a study in contrasts. They were both young men in their 20s, they were both naked, and they were both extremely handsome, sharing dark brown hair and exquisitely defined physiques. But that’s pretty much where the similarities ended.

The smaller man was only about 5’7” tall, and weighed just over 160 pounds of slender, lean, beautifully proportioned muscle. His fine-featured face was so handsome as to be almost pretty, set off by big brown eyes and long, dark eyelashes that gave his gorgeous face a look of boyish innocence, and melted the hearts of all who met his gaze. The Mouse was pleasantly well hung, with a beautifully-shaped 8-inch cock and nice, heavy balls. The smaller lad’s body was virtually hairless, with patches of dark hair only at his armpits and crotch, and pretty much nowhere else. Despite his shorter stature and slender build, the Mouse exuded a strong sense of self confidence. He knew from long experience that his stunning beauty, boyish charm, and exquisitely-sculpted body could get him almost any man he wanted — including huge, handsome muscle men like the Bull now standing before him.

The bigger man was absolutely massive by comparison, standing a full head taller at 6’5” and weighing a monstrous 325 pounds of pure muscle, just over TWICE the weight of the smaller man! The Bull’s physical development was nothing short of extraordinary, with massively developed muscles that almost defied description, simultaneously colossally bloated with raw power, shredded beyond belief, and perfectly proportioned on the man’s extra large, oversized frame. Coarse, dark brown body hair thickly coated the young man’s heroically massive chest and chiseled, cobblestone abs, and heavily dusted his meaty forearms, colossal thighs, and mighty calves as well. Thick forests of this dark brown hair also exploded forth from his deep, muscular armpits and crotch, and additional short hairs were lightly sprinkled across his cannonball-sized shoulders and yard-wide upper back.

While the Mouse’s boyish beauty bordered on pretty, the Bull’s unutterably masculine good looks had the chiseled, square-jawed, raw-boned features of some sort of comic book super hero. The Bull was simply beyond handsome, and his cornflower blue eyes were captivating, capable of seeing into one’s very soul.

The genitals hanging between the Bull’s supremely muscular thighs were outrageously oversized, a truly bestial set of cock and balls that would have looked ridiculously out of place even on a prized Brahma bull…but which looked completely appropriate jutting proudly forth from the young man’s muscular, corrugated, and extremely hairy crotch. His 10-inch limp cock was longer than more than 99% of the hard dicks in the world, and was also almost comically thick, with a girth greater than that of a beer can — a 40-ounce beer can! A thick hood of juicy, rubbery foreskin completely enveloped the bulbous, apple-sized head at the end of the incredibly thick shaft, and powerful-looking veins coursed up and down its entire length like slender snakes.

The monstrous set of testicles hanging beneath that monumental cock were even more impressive, if that was possible. Bull’s balls were bloated and swollen beyond anything that the Mouse had ever seen before, truly massive orbs that were each larger than the biggest grapefruit he’d ever seen and literally pulsing with raw male power. Those twin orbs were no doubt incredibly heavy, yet they only hung down about an inch and a half in their extremely hairy nutsac.

The Bull redefined the term ‘Muscle God’ with his extraordinary musculature, massive size, heart-stopping good looks, and obscenely oversized genitals. And as was only fitting for a man with such colossally outsized sexual equipment, the Bull was hyper virile and had an insatiable libido. The big muscle giant didn’t define himself in terms of straight, gay, or bisexual; he simply loved sex, loved being worshipped for the alpha male stud bull that he was, and was equally turned on by men and women alike.

Especially slightly built pretty boys like the Mouse now standing before him, who made him feel even more massive, more powerful, and more virile by comparison.

“Fuck yeah!” the Bull said, pressing his now slightly puffier cock even harder into the Mouse’s eager hands. “You gonna give me a good milking, boy?”

“It would be my pleasure!” the smaller man replied. “I love working with Bulls like you. They have the nicest udders, don’t you think?” He moved his hands to cup the outrageously massive nuts hanging so huge and hairy below the man’s limp cock, quietly marveling at their extraordinary size and heft. The Mouse was stunned to discover that the big man’s mighty bollocks were even heavier than they looked, feeling almost like a pair of huge lead weights in his hands, and he loved the way that the huge globes of manhood filled his hands to overflowing.

The Bull gave a snort of laughter, his sexy and cocky grin growing even larger on his stunningly handsome face. “Oh, ya like what this Bull has to offer, huh?”

“Most definitely!” the Mouse exclaimed. He freed one hand from beneath the Bull’s weighty balls to rub the underside of the big man’s prominent, powerful chin, the kind of chin that looked like it could break boulders. Almost shuddering with lust and delight, the Mouse smiled and said, “My, you ARE an ornery one, aren’t you?”

“Not ornery - HORNery! Heh heh!” the big Bull chuckled.

“Hornery?” the Mouse repeated. “I like that!” The young man reached down and wrapped both of his hands around the base of the other man’s soft and extraordinarily thick cock shaft. “You think just cuz I’m a tiny, little Mouse that I can’t handle a big Bull like you?” he demanded, looking up at the huge, horny, bovine-endowed stud and grinning wickedly.

“HA!” the Bull retorted. “I could club ya to death with this huge fuck stick of mine!” The Mouse felt a big pulse thunder through the man’s huge meat, his heart pumping a thick gout of blood into the spongy tissues and causing the massive cock to start to grow.

The Mouse snorted derisively. “Oh, there will be no clubbing today, sir,” he said, taking a step back and pulling on the swelling stud muscle. “Would you like to investigate my milking chamber? I’m sure that you’ll find it to your liking…”

“No clubbin’, huh? Then how’s about a little pluggin’?” the Bull replied with a deep chuckle that seemed to reverberate from somewhere deep inside his gigantic chest. His truly titanic cock had already grown by a couple of inches and swollen to an even greater girth, yet still felt soft and spongy in the Mouse’s smaller hands. Just how big was this massive cock going to get!?! The young man felt a pulse of fear at the thought of this muscle giant trying to force such an enormous cock up his ass, and the huge tool wasn’t even close to being hard yet! He suddenly wondered if the handsome bull stud was still technically a virgin, as he couldn’t conceive of any human orifice that would be large enough to accommodate such a tremendously massive cock! The realization that this massive Bull was almost certainly still a virgin, even if only by default, made the whole encounter just that much more erotic and amazing for the young Mouse.

The big Bull grunted in arousal as his manhandled cock grew steadily longer and thicker and harder. “MOOOO!” he jokingly moaned, loving the thought of this beautiful young boy thinking of him as a great big Bull. His massive cock gave another great pulse, and then another, and another, swelling impossibly larger with each mighty beat of his heart. In a surprisingly short amount of time — less than a dozen heartbeats — the Bull’s limp cock swelled to its full, glorious size. The Mouse was clearly astounded by the sight before him, and even with his hands wrapped around as much of that cock meat as possible, he could still barely believe his eyes.

“You mean to tell me that you’re a ‘show-er’ AND a ‘grow-er’!?!” the young man exclaimed, marveling at the record-breaking meat pulsing so powerfully in his trembling hands. The Bull’s masterpiece of a cock had bloated to an epic 16.5 inches in length, longer than the distance from the young man’s elbow to the tip of his fist! Even more extraordinary was its impossible girth, which at 16 inches in circumference very nearly equalled its titanic length!! The blunt, behemoth weapon was bigger than a mortar shell, and looked to be no less deadly. The thick foreskin was now pulled fully back to expose a gigantic cock head as big as one of the Bull’s enormous fists, completing the cock’s image as some sort of beefy battering ram. The bloated bull cock was harder than any dick the Mouse had ever felt in his life, and no matter how hard he squeezed at the goliath shaft, his fingers couldn’t even begin to dent its nearly hard-as-granite surface.

The Bull just chuckled again, long accustomed to the reactions that his mammoth bull cock elicited in men and women alike. He pulsed his cock several more times in the Mouse’s almost reverent grip, a shit-eating grin on his face as he drank in the look of awe and wonder on the smaller man’s gorgeous face. “By all means, lead the way,” the Bull said, motioning for the smaller man to proceed.

With his eyes sparkling with excitement and a goofy grin spreading across his handsome features, the Mouse eagerly led the Bull into another room, pulling the much bigger man by his almighty horse cock. The Mouse tugged none too gently on the titanic phallus, but the big Bull didn’t seem to mind at all — his humongous man meat was used to much rougher handling than this, and he highly doubted that this much smaller man could succeed in hurting him even if he tried.

The next room was dominated by a large, throne-like chair in the center of the concrete floor. It was a pillowed and comfortable-looking chair, except for the large hole cut out in the center of the seat. All sorts of tubes, hoses, cables, and other equipment clustered around the big chair, and a soft electrical hum could be heard in the air.

The Mouse looked longingly into the Bull’s stunning blue eyes and said with utter confidence, “I promise, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be milked bone dry.”

“Bone dry, huh?” the big Bull snorted. “I’ve heard promises like that before. But no one’s ever been able to drain THESE huge sperm tanks dry!” He circled one big hand around the neck of his hairy scrotum and roughly jiggled his colossal balls in front of him. The action forced the gigantic orbs down to the bottom of their huge sac, making them bulge even bigger than ever.

“Well I intend to deliver on my promise, big boy!” the Mouse said with a wide grin, giving the massive, bulging balls a quick series of soft, affectionate pats before shutting and locking the sliding metal door behind him. “I always deliver on my promises.” Like his promise of a new delivery to his bosses by the end of the week…

The handsome muscle Bull looked around the oddly empty room before focusing once again on the chair. He quickly realized that some of the hoses and tubes were intended to be used as milking devises, and one of his thick, dark eyebrows rose in renewed interest. Maybe this little Mouse was onto something after all!

“I’m sure that you’ll find the chair quite comfortable,” the Mouse said, motioning for the big Bull to take a seat. “It was built for men of a more ‘mortal’ stature than your extraordinary muscular bulk, but I think you’ll be able to fit nonetheless.” The Bull knew that the young Mouse was both flattering and lightly teasing him at the same time, and he loved it. He allowed the Mouse to subtly nudge him forward with hands pressed to the bigger man’s muscular hips, guiding him toward the seat.

The Bull lowered his heroically muscular ass down onto the chair, and indeed found it to be a comfortable fit. Despite his great muscular bulk, his hips were still surprisingly narrow for one as tall and beefy as him, and the armrests of the chair were low enough and wide enough apart to accommodate even his extremely wide and expansive shoulders. As he wiggled his big butt into place, his massive bollocks dropping heavily through the hole in the seat, the handsome Bull grunted lustfully and said, “Mmm, I’m sure you’re gonna have me mooin’ in no time. And what’s this hole in the seat for? Gonna make a Steer outta me or sumthin’?” The big man chuckled at his own humor, and the ridiculous thought of such a pipsqueak of a Mouse ever physically dominating — let alone unmanning — such a rugged and powerful Bull such as himself.

The Mouse just chuckled in response as he got to work setting up the chair. He then inquired, “Do you mind what happens to the, uhhh…milk I extract?”

“Naw,” the big guy said in response, letting out another deep chuckle of his own. “You can drink it all yerself if ya want, I don’t mind. Though I gotta warn ya, I’ll be shootin’ out enough of my thick, chunky stud jizz to feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a fuckin’ week.”

“Oh REALLY?” the Mouse said in response, teasing skepticism obvious in his honeyed voice. “Well, I’ll have other uses for your spunk besides merely a ‘dietary supplement’, but never mind that right now. Can you spread your legs for me a bit? Those colossal thighs of yours are unbelievably thick and beefy, and I’m afraid that they’re getting in the way of some of the bulkier equipment. Good, that’s right. Thanks! I’ll just need to keep your big legs clear of these various hoses and cables.”

“No problem, little dude!” the big Bull said, spreading his massive legs as wide as the chair would allow, his magnificent, rock hard cock jutting out proudly before him and his gargantuan bollocks hanging heavy and huge through the hole in the seat. The Mouse took the heavy leather straps attached to the legs of the chair and secured them tightly around the Bull’s muscular legs. The restraints at the ankles fit easily, but the leather bands at the man’s thighs were just barely big enough to accommodate the tremendous muscular bulk of those mighty tree trunks. The Mouse had had the chair specially crafted to fit any man, and in fact had made some of the dimensions ridiculously oversized to make sure he had enough of a buffer…but he now suddenly realized that he’d only barely accommodated the utterly magnificent dimensions of this incredibly handsome young Bull.

“How about some Shiatsu massage as well?” the Mouse said as he turned on the chair’s massage features. “That’s right, lean back and enjoy the deep tissue massage,” the handsome Mouse intoned, watching the big man’s blue eyes gently close and his he-man muscles relax as the warm metallic fingers began working their magic on his incredibly dense and beefy back. The chair kneaded his massive shoulders and worked up and down the twin columns of muscle lining his spine. Heat began to radiate from the chair into the man’s incredibly broad and powerful back, lulling him into a deeply relaxed state.

So relaxed, in fact, that he didn’t notice the thick leather restraints being secured around his equally thick wrists, or the additional set of restraints that quickly bound his enormously muscular upper arms.

“Aaahhhh…” the big Bull moaned happily as the chair massaged his tense muscles, the pleasurable feelings so good that he momentarily forgot the throbbing need in his own heavy, turgid loins. He barely even registered the final thick leather strap that wrapped around his mammoth, hairy chest, the strap just barely long enough to encompass both of those almost ridiculously meaty pecs.

The little Mouse once again stroked the big Bull’s big, prominent chin and the side of his almost unbearably handsome face, feeling nearly overcome with lust for this magnificent man beast now seated and firmly secured in his special chair. The big man’s blue eyes were still closed, and his kissable lips gently parted in a sigh of pure pleasure. The Mouse gently pressed his own luscious lips to those of the much bigger man, and the two beautiful men shared a long, deep, and passionate kiss. The Mouse eventually disengaged, and the Bull then felt a rubbery, smooth object play across his lips. The spherical object slowly worked its way into his mouth, forcing his jaw open. He was unaware that the Mouse was fitting a large, red ball gag into his mouth, and didn’t realize what was happening until the straps of the muzzle were secured behind the thick pillar of his neck. He tried to bite down, but the hard rubber ball barely deformed in his mouth, his powerful jaw muscles unable to close more than a millimeter or two.

“Man, I’ve hit the jackpot with you, my enormously muscular and heroically boned friend!” the Mouse exclaimed as he settled back to examine his magnificent catch. “I knew you were something extraordinary when I first saw your height and incredibly muscular size. Then I saw your handsome face and knew I just HAD to have you! But this, this is just unbelievable!” he said as he once again gently cupped the enormous low hangers dangling beneath the Bull’s rampant horse cock. “I’ll make a FORTUNE from the stud cream I’m going to milk outta you!”

“Wwwhhuh?” the big Bull tried to say around the invading ball gag, his eyes opening to question what the little Mouse had just said. That’s when the big man finally realized that he had been rendered completely immobile by the much smaller man, lulled into complacency and tricked into being shackled to the heavy chair.

The huge bull of a man began to struggle mightily, almost wildly, his gargantuan muscles bulging and flexing dramatically as he fought to free himself from his bindings. The Mouse took a couple of stumbling steps back, worried at first that the huge muscle man might actually be strong enough to free himself from the huge chair. But the throne-like seat was made from one solid piece of forged steel, impossible to break, and the leather bindings were extremely thick and specially treated to make them virtually unbreakable. There was no way that even THIS mighty bull stud of a man could fight his way free.

The Bull’s eyes registered anger for the first time, and perhaps just the first hint of fear, as his stunning blue orbs locked with the innocent brown eyes of his captor. The big man struggled to speak around his ball gag, saying, “Wut mee gow!”

“Now, now, my big friend! You said that you wanted to be milked, didn’t you? Of course you did! And you soon shall be!” the Mouse said enthusiastically, a guileless smile on his handsome face. “The ball gag is simply for your own protection. The extreme sensations from my custom-made milking instruments have been so overwhelming that some males have bitten their own tongues or cracked their own teeth, and we wouldn’t want that to happen. Especially not to a Stud Bull as big and handsome as you!”

As the young man spoke, he rubbed his hands over the Bull’s massive and magnificent chest, amazed at how the enormous pecs seemed to draw his hungry hands. He ran his fingers through the thick, dark chest hair and firmly tugged the big, eraser-nub nipples proudly capping the man’s silver dollar-sized paps. The Mouse then ran his slender hands down the corrugated and muscular flanks of his captive Bull, skirting to the sides of his monstrous man meat to instead once again cup the colossal sperm tanks hanging so huge and so achingly full beneath his mammoth schlong.

“Now, in order to properly get all of your sperm out of these bag boys, we’ll need to make sure that your balls are nice and loose and ready to squirt!” The big Bull snorted through his nose, making him even more closely resemble his namesake. But his struggles had begun to calm down as he listened to the Mouse’s explanation. The caressing of his big, meaty danglies felt amazing, and he couldn’t help it as another powerful series of pulses swept through his groin, making his huge cock spasm and lurch like some barely restrained beast.

“Ah, judging from your reaction, I think you know what I mean,” the Mouse smiled. He then picked up a rubber paddle, very similar to the kind used in ping pong, only much larger and considerably thicker. “I’m going to use this paddle to slap your balls around a bit, and make sure that all of the sperms inside these huge nuggies of yours have been shaken loose.”

He then started lightly paddling the big man’s bovine bollocks, playfully swatting at the gigantic sac of nut meat and causing the huge bag to swing and jiggle back and forth with each hit. The Mouse struck the huge balls softly but rapidly, the quiet staccato ‘smack smack smack’ echoing in the large and nearly empty room. The muscle man’s blue eyes widened in surprise as he felt his big bollocks being batted around by the much smaller man, but the soft blows only served to heighten his lust, sending bolts of pleasure through his massively muscled body. He pumped his muscular hips as much as his tight restraints would allow, fucking the air with his massive cock as his feelings of sexual frustration and horniness grew.

The Mouse gradually started hitting the Bull’s balls harder, the soft ‘smack smack smack’ soon being replaced by a louder “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”. The big man’s huge balls were now being hit hard enough that most men would be crumpling and screaming from the pain, particularly since the blows were raining down so fast and without pause. But the huge muscle Bull was no stranger to rough bollock abuse, for the sheer enormous size of his gigantic balls almost seemed to demand cruel and violent attention from a goodly percentage of his many hundreds of sexual partners. The growing burning ache in the Bull’s big balls translated into pure pleasure, and the big, beefy stud began moaning and groaning in deep-voiced delight. He even threw in a few gag-muffled ‘MOO’s for the Mouse’s benefit, getting off on the idea of his behemoth sperm tanks being cruelly misused and beaten about by the much smaller man.

The Mouse stepped up his attack even more, letting that paddle really fly into his captive’s huge nuts, thudding those unnaturally dense and solid bull balls again and again and again. The Bull could feel his huge nuts swinging wildly around under the rapid barrage of knee-buckling blows, careening against his granite-hard thighs or just swinging around in the open air. Even for the big Bull, the pain in his nuts was starting to build to agonizing levels, and threatening to overcome the toe-curling pulsations of pleasure washing through his massively muscular body.
Many long minutes of this paddling abuse had loosened up the Bull’s nuts a bit, all of the smacking and knocking about having caused them to drop lower and lower in the man’s hefty, hairy sac. The behemoth ball bag was now glowing a bright and angry red from a full 10 minutes of the paddling abuse, but the Bull’s gigantic balls otherwise looked none the worse for wear.

“Damn!” the Mouse exclaimed, pausing momentarily in his efforts to assess the man’s red and glowing bollocks. “You’ve got some FREAKISHLY tough nuts there! Very impressive! Very impressive indeed! My, they’re not even swelling yet!! I need to get your balls all soft and puffy to make sure that they give up all of their seed, and yours are still too hard. Much, much too hard! It looks like I’ll need to step up my game a little bit…”

So saying, the Mouse grabbed a second, identical paddle and began using both arms at the same time to bat and bludgeon the Bull’s huge, swinging man globes. The smaller man even began to strike with both paddles at the same time, catching the massive balls between the two colliding paddles with a big, beefy ‘CLAP!’ The Bull’s entire, massive body would lurch and spasm with each brutal blow, his gigantic muscles bulging and flexing larger still as his dangling balls were forced to absorb every ounce of force behind each devastating double strike. His groans and moans of pleasure had turned into grunts of stinging pain, which grew into shouts and bellows of real agony as the relentless beating caused the pain to ratchet upward to higher and higher levels.

Yet the Bull’s titanic beast of a cock remained hard as a rock throughout all of this brutal abuse, and in fact was soon dripping and then drooling a steady river of clear, snot-slick precum. Those slick and sticky juices were soon running down the colossal length of the Bull’s enormous fuck pole in thick rivers, with even more of the stuff spurting out across his massive, furry pecs, even splashing across his bullish neck and enormous boulder shoulders. The brutal ball beating might have been causing the Bull a tremendous amount of pain, but it was sending his raging libido into overdrive.

The Bull could only stare down at his battered cum tanks with a wild look in his stunning blue eyes, helplessly watching as his impossibly hefty orbs swung around crazily under the punishing abuse. His outrageously muscular body jumped and jerked against his restraints as long strings of clear precum splattered across his massively muscled torso, his proud stud balls being steadily tenderized by the much smaller man.


The Mouse paused for a second time in the otherwise relentless abuse, scooping up a thick and astonishingly gelatinous blob of precum off of the man’s mammoth chest with a pair of fingers, and then sucking the gooey effluvium into his mouth. The young man’s beautiful face screwed up into a grimace as the rich, strong flavor of the man’s clear essence washed across his tongue.

“Oh my!” the Mouse choked out. “Your prostate gland must be horribly bloated for your precum to be so salty! Blech! You really ought to be draining yourself more frequently! But never mind, I can take care of that, too. Of course, I can’t work on two things at once now, so I’m going to have to elicit a little help from one of my machines here.”

He wheeled over a simple-looking machine, and placed the handles of the two large paddles into specially-made receptacles. When the paddles were in place, the rubber faces of the two wooden paddles were about a foot apart. He then moved the machine so that it was beneath the chair, with one paddle positioned in front of the Bull’s big, dangling nuts and the second paddle behind.  There was about three inches of clearance on both sides between the paddle faces and the big man’s hairy nutsac.

The Mouse then turned the machine on, and the paddles began to powerfully lurch forward forward and back, striking the defenseless nuts caught in between. ‘THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!’ The blows came at one-second intervals, significantly slower than the manual beating that the Mouse had recently been giving those huge bull nuts. But the force of the blows as was far greater than anything the slender young man could accomplish on his own. The big Bull was soon bellowing in pain, a deafening and delicious counterpoint to the beefy metronome sounds being produced by the machine.

“Yes, that will do nicely!” the Mouse said to himself as he inspected the purring machine. The Bull was panting like he’d just sprinted the 400-yard dash, struggling to regain his breath and composure while his increasingly bruised and battered nuts continued to be pummeled. The now mechanized paddles were smacking his big jewels around hard enough to crack a lesser man’s balls, but the strong and mighty Bull was continuing to endure the abuse…for now.

“Now to take care of your swollen prostate,” the Mouse said, pulling out a huge black dildo from a nearby toolbox. The Bull’s big blue eyes flew open wide at the sight of the huge rubber cock, and true fear crept into his achingly handsome features. The Mouse saw the expression on the Bull’s face and said, “Yes, very impressive, isn’t it? Not nearly a match for your titanic trouser beast, of course, but still larger than anything I’d ever seen on a mortal man until you came along. Let me just finish lubing it up, and we’ll get down to work.”

“Uunnh! UNNH!! UUNNNNNHHH!!!” the Bull hollered around his gag as the Mouse began to insert the enormous dildo up his shit chute. The arrowhead-shaped glans on the huge dildo made for easy entry, and even the Bull’s tight sphincter and ferociously strong butt muscles were unable to keep out the anal invader as it began to plow its way into his guts. The huge man began to buck and thrash in his restraints harder than ever before, threatening to rip his own body apart to escape the burning agony in his ass.

“My oh my!” the Mouse exclaimed with a surprised chuckle. “Judging from your reaction, it almost looks like you’ve never taken a cock up the butt before! And with an ass as big and juicy as that! You know, that’s just not right, my friend!” The Mouse teased as he forced more and more of the tremendous length of the dildo up the muscle man’s mighty backside. The Bull’s eyes bugged out larger still when the blunt tip of that huge dildo finally goosed up against his bloated prostate, sending a huge jolt of not unpleasurable electricity through his huge body. The Mouse then pressed a button, and a section of the dildo’s shaft near the base but inside the Bull’s ravaged rectum inflated, trapping the rubbery invader inside the big man’s guts.

“There we go!” the Mouse exclaimed happily. “It’s really a shame, you know. Big bulls like you so rarely get their prostates played with, and their glands wind up being sensitive and bloated from neglect. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of all of that.”

The Mouse then grabbed a big condom made of a very thick, yellowish rubber, and began working the condom over the swollen, fist-sized head of the Bull’s massive man meat. Once again, the Mouse had created these custom pieces to accommodate any man’s cock, from the smallest to the largest, but the Bull’s big cock was so unimaginably huge that its stretched the thick rubber nearly to the breaking point. In the end, however, the condom was able to engulf the bloated head and first 5 or 6 inches of impossibly-thick cock shaft, enough to ensure that the tight rubber condom would not slip off. A big rubber hose extended from the tip of the condom, and the Mouse inserted the other end of the hose through the hole in the center of the Bull’s ball gag, making sure that the end of the hose rested on the big man’s tongue.

“Cows like salt licks, right?” the Mouse teased as the first jet of thick, gloopy precum washed across the Bull’s tongue. The big man tried to retch and spit out his own sticky fluids, but the ball gag prevented any of the juice from escaping. The Bull was forced to swallow his own precum, the exceptionally strong and salty fluid burning as dropped down into his waiting stomach.

“No use letting such thick fluids go to waste, right?” the Mouse queried, grinning impishly at his handsome and hunky captive. “There’s too few sperm cells in a man’s precum to make it marketable, so there’s no need for me to harvest it. And besides, you’re gonna need all of the fluids you can get for what you have in store! Ha ha!!”

“MMMMMMPH!!” the Bull bellowed, unable to believe that the smaller man was effortlessly having his way with the his gigantic body. The two paddles continued to mercilessly beat his gargantuan nuts, front and back, front and back, ‘WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP!’ without end. The pain was reaching a plateau he didn’t know was even possible, his burly, behemoth balls feeling like they were being beaten to a pulp. The overload of agony was actually starting to overcome the nerves in his screaming balls, and his mammoth nuts were beginning to grow numb from all of the abuse. In fact, the pain was beginning to transcend into a strange sort of euphoric high. Still, some small corner of the Bull’s pain-addled mind began to worry that the numbness spreading through his precious baby makers could signify growing damage to his proud bollocks. 

The big man bellowed once again as his virgin ass was plundered, shame and humiliation causing his cheeks to burn. This whole situation was far more than he had bargained for! And the Mouse was right — the Bull had never been fucked before. He’d always seen the act of being fucked as something that was done to submissive men, men who were smaller and inferior. And in the Bull’s mind, ALL men were smaller and inferior to him. Yet here he was, his huge muscle ass being fucked, his massive sperm tanks being batted and hammered about like a pair of oversized tennis balls, and his rampant monster cock being gently stroked and teased by the little man’s slender but talented hands. It was more than he could take!

But the real shock and horror came as a steady thick stream of chunky precum poured into his mouth, splashing across his tongue and threatening to suffocate him. The Bull had no choice but to swallow the sharp and tangy liquid in great big burning gulps, feeling a warmth spread in his stomach as the rich and salty fluids were recycled into his own body. He bellowed and brayed between big swallows of salty pre, his massively muscled body bucking ferociously against his restraints, but there was nothing he could do to avoid this degradation and domination.

“Mmm, yes! Nomnomnomnom!” the Mouse cruelly teased, a most alluring and lascivious smirk playing across his achingly handsome face. “Very tasty, isn’t it? With an appropriately beefy aftertaste, I think. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from, and you’ll be feasting on more of your juices very soon.”

“Big, muscular alpha males like you are always so wary of their own bodies,” the Mouse continued. “But I can see by the way that you’re hungrily licking at that tube that you like how your precum tastes!” He grabbed a remote control and turned up two of the dials, increasing both the speed and the force with which the paddles are hammering the Bull’s big, screaming nuts. The clapping paddles thumped and thunked harder and faster than ever before, sending the gigantic bollocks spinning and bouncing around violently in their sac. By the way that the bulging globes were beginning to flatten each time one of the paddles struck, the Mouse could tell that they were finally starting to soften up the unnaturally dense and solid orbs, breaking down their extraordinary toughness. The mammoth testicles were also starting to swell bigger and bigger, their heavily traumatized tissues starting to react to the horrific abuse.

“Your big balls are starting to look like they’re getting ready to pump out their load,” the Mouse smirks again. “It’s therefore time to drain your prostate so that your sperm sample is as pure and undiluted as possible. Get ready for a wild trip, big boy!”

So saying, the Mouse pressed another button on the remote control. Instantly, an electric jolt shot right into the Bull’s swollen-to-near-bursting prostate, causing the entire core of his being to squeeze down tight. The feeling was so intense that the Bull could barely grunt in response, and his blue eyes flew wide as he watched his massive cock lurch, tighten, and swell to even greater dimensions, almost like he was about to have an orgasm.

“MMMWWAAAAAAHHH!!!” the Bull bellowed, finally finding his voice. His head snapped back, making his enormous neck muscles bulge out even bigger than ever. His entire body jerked and bounced in its restraints as unbelievably powerful sensations blasted through his prostate. The huge dildo was literally vibrating in his ass, hammering against his bloated prostate even as the electrical current was zapping through the big gland. His pleasure knot contracted so hard and so fast that the young man thought it might explode, and his mouth was instantly flooded with hot, heady bull spunk.

‘Oh my god! Oh my GOD!!’ the big Bull thought. ‘I’m cumming in my own mouth!!’

The big Bull had thought his previous stream of precum to have been voluminous, but he was in no way prepared for the deluge of tangy prostate juices that now blasted into his mouth. He choked and sputtered as he tried desperately to swallow the fluids as fast as possible, and the Mouse’s own rock hard cock lurched spasmodically as he watched the big man’s Adam’s apple bob up and down in a frantic effort to keep from drowning. The loud ‘GULUMP! GULUMP! GULUMP!’ of the Bull’s swallowing efforts could actually be heard above the hum of the machines and the rhythmic ‘WHACK!!WHACK!!WHACK!!WHACK!!’ of the heavy paddles against the man’s swelling bollocks.

It took nearly a full minute to drain the Bull’s prostate of all of its stud juices, and the big man was left panting and heaving as he struggled to once again regain his breath. It had been a flood that indeed could have choked a lesser man to death, but the mighty Bull had survived. In fact, even now, a comfortable heavy feeling settled in his stomach from the sheer size of his liquid meal.

“You clearly enjoyed that, my handsome Bull! But you haven’t actually climaxed yet,” the Mouse explained in a very professional voice. “That was just the anal probe helping you discharge and empty the seminal juices from your pleasure gland. All of your actual seed is still being smashed around in your beat up nutsac. Gotta keep all of those sperm cells churning if we want to harvest your maximum potential!”

“You see, my employers buy seed from me for a reason,” he continued. “They know that I always procure the very best males, and that I always extract the highest quality and greatest volume of milk from their heavy nuts. And YOU, my friend, are by far the most spectacular example of exaggerated manhood that I’ve ever found, and I’m sure that your sperm output will break all of my previous records for both volume and quality!”

Mouse leaned in, watching as Bull’s thick, beefy throat convulsed one last time to swallow down the dregs of his salty precum ‘load’. The smaller man then pressed a button and temporarily turned off the ball clapper, wheeling the contraption out of the way so that he could more closely inspect the Bull’s bruised and battered bollocks. The huge balls were undeniably swollen, looking even more bloated than ever and taking on a decidedly puffy appearance. The Mouse gently cupped the mammoth orbs, and saw with a great throb of lust in his own loins how his hands were now even more dwarfed by the steadily enlarging testicles. The young man gently squeezed his fingers, digging his strong digits into the Bull’s now soft and yielding ball flesh. His clutching fingers could only compress the tenderized meat part way, however, dimpling perhaps half an inch into the big man’s massive nuts before meeting resistance once more. Yes, the Bull’s big nuts had been softened up substantially, but their solid cores were still harder and denser than any typical man’s balls. They had a great deal of strength and fight left in them, more than seemed humanly possible really, but that realization just made the Mouse smile. He loved a good challenge, and this enormous Bull of a man was proving to be by far the most challenging subject he’d ever captured.

For his part, the big Bull was caught in a tumultuous spiral of pain, pleasure, embarrassment, humiliation, excitement, and fear. A bitter salty tang still filled his mouth from the huge load of precum he’d been forced to swallow, and the extraordinary throbbing ache in his wounded bollocks gnawed at his gut like hot lava. His violated ass also burned and ached, but that feeling had morphed into something very much like pleasure, and the Bull found himself actually enjoying the feeling of fullness up his muscular backside. His massive horse cock was also fatter and longer and harder than he could ever remember it being in his entire young life, and while his bloated, swollen balls were still half numb from the stinging agony they had suffered, they were still bloated to near bursting with both seed and need.

Satisfied that the machine was well on its way toward reaching the goal of softening up the stud’s monstrous orbs, the Mouse wheeled the ball clapper back into place. He noted that the Bull’s colossal scrotum had swelled much larger than its original size, the much-battered orbs now reaching the realm of ripe coconuts, and that the rubber faces of the two paddles were now each only about an inch or an inch and a half away from the reddened and bruised surfaces of the stud’s spuds. Still, he was able to wedge the gigantic sac of man flesh between the two paddles once more, making them ready to endure even more abuse.

The Mouse then tugged the tube out of the Bull’s mouth and instead dangled the tube’s end into an oversized plastic jar. The young man had used glass mason jars early on in his cum harvesting career, but found such containers too fragile and prone to breaking, so he now strictly used heavy duty plastic. The huge black dildo he left firmly wedged up between the muscle man’s big butt cheeks, but the ball gag was carefully removed, allowing the Bull to move and close his sore jaw for the first time in nearly half an hour.

“Well, everything is now in readiness, my big-balled Bull,” the Mouse said. “It’s time to start the actual milking. You ready handsome?”

The huge, dark-haired stud looked very confused by the whole situation, his deep blue eyes looking a bit glazed over. He nodded his square-jawed head in the affirmative, though it was doubtful that he was fully aware of what he was agreeing to. After a couple of failed attempts, the Bull found his voice, the deep timbre of his words made even more hoarse by all of the bellowing he’d been doing during the brutal abuse of his nuts. “Uummm, yeah, sure,” the huge muscle stud replied, the gigantic Bull sounding positively meek and submissive as he addressed the much smaller man.

“Awesome!” the Mouse said in return, a huge smile on his achingly pretty face. “Now, I gotta warn you, this next part probably won’t be as pleasant for you as was milking your prostate. But hey, it’s called ‘milking’, not ‘masturbation’, right?” The Mouse laughed at his own joke before grabbing the remote control again and saying, “Let’s begin!”

With that, the Mouse turned the ball clapper back on, and cranked up the speed and force of the paddling to their highest settings, sending the machine into overdrive. The paddles, as well as the Bull’s trapped balls, became a blur as the machine struck those two meaty prizes a dozen or more times a second. The Bull let out a deafening roar of agony and lust, his bellowing cries no longer muffled by a ball gag, and his cock began to quiver and vibrate in time to the rhythmic and frenzied pummeling of his huge nuts. The Mouse then turned the big dildo back on as well, letting the fake cock continue ravaging the big Bull’s muscular guts. He then stood back to watch the show.

‘It won’t be long now,” the Mouse thought to himself, a cruel smile playing across his gorgeous lips.

The big, bovine-endowed bull stud clutched the arms of the chair with both of his huge hands, his knuckles turning white and his gargantuan arm muscles bulging bigger than ever before. His entire body began to shudder and convulse wildly as pleasure and pain unlike anything he’d ever known began to war for dominance in his dazed and befuddled mind. The air was filled with a faint ozone smell as massive jolts of current were sent up through the dildo and into his aching loins and out into the rest of his utterly massive body, again and again and again, making all of his enormous muscles contract and release like the greatest muscle worship fantasy come to life.

The Bull’s grunts and groans became even more guttural and animalistic as his much-abused body hurtled toward a long-denied orgasm. “Uuh! Uuh! Uunh! UNNH!” he panted, his gigantic nuts feeling like they would shake apart under the unimaginably brutal assault. “Uhh! Uhmm! Mmm! Nnngh!” His ginormous cock felt even harder than ever, bloated so huge that the Bull thought it would burst open at any moment! “Mmm! Mmuh! Mmmohh!” The huge man was leaning back as far as he could in the throne-like chair, his handsome head tilted backward and his glazed eyes staring upward at the ceiling, clearly lost in sensation as the freight train that was his orgasm finally hurtled off the tracks.


The entire tube connecting the tip of the Bull’s stupendously swollen cock with the waiting plastic container suddenly turned a milky white as its was filled with the first slug of sperm erupting from the man’s thundering penis. An instant later, a truly gigantic wad of chunky sperm hit the bottom of the container with a loud and very wet ‘SPLORCH!’ sound. A second, even bigger wad followed a moment later, followed by a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, as the huge Bull stud finally reached his long-awaited release.

The Mouse was utterly stunned by the sheer volume of spume being pumped out of the huge man’s aching loins. The load was already many orders of magnitude bigger than anything he’d ever seen a man produce before, and yet it continued to rage onward as wads six, seven, and eight landed with their brothers at the bottom of the plastic jug, accompanied by the loud, sloppy sounds of jellied goo impacting with even more jellied goo. What’s more, the cum itself seemed to be almost more solid than liquid, bereft as it was of the diluting seminal juices from the Bull’s recently depleted prostate. Each fresh slug of thick and gloopy nut juice fell onto the wad before it with a loud ‘SPLAT!’, but remained chunky, with a consistency more like a warm, firm custard or congealed pudding than a normal man’s more creamy spunk. The Mouse wondered how much of this unnatural thickness was due to the loss of the Bull’s prostate juices, and how much was just the big man’s standard cum quality. Regardless, judging by the extraordinary thickness of the Bull’s voluminous discharge, the sheer number of sperm cells per milliliter of fluid must have been simply off the charts! The Mouse had found himself a ‘cash cow’ of the highest order!

Another five or six massive slugs of ultra-thick cum erupted from the Bull’s thundering cock before the size of the cum loads started to lessen, and it took another eight or nine steadily diminishing spurts of cum before the man’s spectacular first orgasm shuddered to a close. The Mouse watched enthralled as the captured load slowly oozed like molasses until it finally formed a level layer of thick man paste in the bottom of the plastic container. More than an inch of gelatinous spunk now filled the bottom of the jug! It was more cum than he had ever harvested from one of his subjects, even after a full WEEK of milking, and here this big Bull pumped out all of that goo in just one load! The sight was utterly spectacular!!

There was no reprieve for the captive Bull, however, for the ball clapper kept right on working its devastating magic on the muscle stud’s heroically swelling bollocks, ruthlessly hammering them in an effort to force out every last sperm in the young man’s gorgeous body. The Bull continued to holler and bellow in outrageous agony, even as his body was quickly brought to the brink of orgasm once again.

It couldn’t have been more than five or six minutes after his first titanic orgasm ended than the mighty Bull began to unleash a second epic load, this one just as impossibly thick and voluminous as the first. Blast after blast after mind-blowing blast of pure stud spunk splattered heavily into the waiting jug, steadily filling it with more and more of the Bull’s copious baby batter. The stud was simply UNREAL, a true god of virility!

The third orgasm crashed into the jerking and heaving stud Bull another six or seven minutes later, raping an equally monstrous load out of the young muscle man’s tortured loins. It didn’t appear that even this Bull’s mammoth bollocks could have stored so much ripe sperm inside of them, and the Mouse half expected the twin orbs to have been reduced to a pair of dried and shriveled husks, crumpling in on themselves as their very guts were pumped out into the waiting jar. But instead, the Bull’s behemoth bollocks were just as massive as ever, and if anything were still continuing to swell as the vicious paddles continued to mercilessly tenderize all of that vulnerable nut meat.

It wasn’t until the big Bull’s fourth load another ten minutes later that the size and volume of the stud’s inhuman loads began to noticeably decrease. The load was still utterly majestic and spectacular, orders of magnitude larger than any other man’s biggest nut purge, but the Mouse could tell that the resulting volume was slightly smaller than those of the previous three orgasms. Not by much, but enough that the Mouse noticed. The fifth orgasm 15 minutes later was smaller still, and considerably less chunky as well, more closely resembling the liquid jelly spunk salvos of more mortal men.

The Bull’s balls took nearly 20 minutes to cough up their sixth cum load, which was ‘merely’ huge and had the consistency of a normal man’s creamy load. It was clear that the Mouse was finally plumbing the deepest depths of the Bull’s legendary virility.

By this point, the Bull’s battered balls were so heroically swollen that his bruised nutsac was bulging bigger than an overinflated basketball, straining mightily to contain the two gigantic, puffy, heavily traumatized gonads within. The Bull’s huge sperm tanks had swollen so unbelievably large, in fact, that they completely filled the space between the two oversized wooden paddles, pressing firmly against the rubber faces of both paddles. The paddles were no longer striking against the Bull’s tortured nut flesh, but were instead vigorously, even violently, shaking the trapped balls at more than 20 times a second.

The Mouse was immediately put in mind of those machines at hardware stores that shake and churn paint containers until the colors inside were perfectly blended. That’s what the Bull’s balls now looked like — two bloated, oval-shaped paint cans being ferociously shaken and batted around. Any other man’s balls would have long since been shaken apart and turned into liquid mush by such terrific abuse, but the big Bull was so astoundingly rugged and tough that his mighty balls continued to somehow endure. Those two enormous man fruits were clearly heavily wounded, however, and their structural integrity had been steadily weakened by what was now nearly an hour and a half of continuous, relentless, merciless abuse. The Mouse was half worried that the titanic testes would suddenly shake themselves apart in a cataclysmic explosion of broken nut meat…but the other half of him longed to see just what that would look like. His more sadistic side won out for the time being, and the Mouse allowed the ball clapping machine to continue to work its devastation on the Bull’s steadily failing bollocks.

The seventh load took a full half hour in coming, and consisted of seven or eight big squirts of somewhat watery-looking spunk, followed by another half dozen steadily weaker spurts. The Bull’s cum now looked less like clotted cream and more like nonfat milk, completely liquid and containing only a fraction of the incredible density of sperm cells that had been in his previous loads.

It looked like the big Bull might finally be completely tapped out, his seemingly bottomless sperm tanks finally drained completely dry. But the Mouse wasn’t so sure. He thought that there might yet be just a little more spunk to be had from those massive balls. So despite the fact that he was already redlining the man’s thoroughly mauled and battered nuts, the Mouse chose to let the milking process continue. He was willing to live with whatever the final result might be — either the big Bull would eke out one more cum load, or his magnificent, utterly massive testicles would break apart in a violent and gory explosion of ruined nut meat.

Minute after minute ticked by, and the mighty Bull continued to writhe and bellow in agony. He had grown noticeably weaker after more than two hours of torture and abuse, and his struggles against his restraints were a pathetic reflection of his initial fury and power. But his precious balls, the source of his unparalleled masculine might and power, continued to struggle valiantly to stay alive and intact, even as they strove to collect enough fluid to make one last load. The huge muscle man was positively parched and dehydrated, between pumping out nearly a gallon of nut goo and sweating buckets onto the chair and the concrete floor. The Mouse had been right after all — it was a good thing the Bull had been fed the salty juices from his own bloated prostate, or his well of virility would have gone dry long before!

The Bull’s grotesquely swollen balls were now jiggling like they were filled with gelatin, their formerly dense and rock solid spheres having grown disturbingly soft and mushy. It seemed a miracle that they hadn’t ruptured or otherwise failed already, though that threat seemed imminent. But those big lava factories seemed incapable of coughing up even a single weak spurt of cum! In fact, they might have already received enough damage so as to be permanently ruined, wrecked beyond repair by hours of beating and violent shaking. 

“Come on, big guy!” the Mouse commanded, standing behind the huge captive Bull and massaging his gigantic shoulders and the base of the thick, muscular column that was the man’s massive neck. “You can do it! Pump out one last load for me, stud, and I’ll turn all of the machines off. Just one more load, buddy! Show me how tough those big balls of yours are! Show me how much of a MAN you are! Show me that you’re the mightiest Bull to ever walk the face of this earth!”

Amazingly, the Mouse’s words seemed to be having a positive effect on the manacled man beast. The panting and moaning Bull began to rhythmically throb and pulse his enormous horse cock, making it slap against his corrugated belly and massive bull pecs so hard that it made Mouse wince in sympathy. The slender man suddenly found himself rooting for the big Bull to succeed, to spurt one last load and thereby save whatever remained of his battered and mangled manhood. The Mouse was utterly engrossed by the super human performance being given by the captive Bull, and he cooed encouraging words into the handsome stud’s ear to help him along.

“Yeah, that’s it, you big STUD! Flex that monster cock for me! FLEX it!! You can do it! Aw FUCK yeah! God DAMN but you’re a fine stud! So fucking HOT! Such a fucking BULL!! Come on baby! Shoot that load for me! Pump out one final load of your bull milk! Just one more squirt! That’s right! Yeah! YEAH!! I can tell you’re close, stud! Flex again for me! FLEX!! Here it comes! HERE IT COMES!! YEAH!!!” 

With a final, deafening roar of agony, lust, and defiance, the Bull threw back his handsome head and his monstrous cock swelled to its greatest dimensions yet, turning almost purple with congested blood and outrageously engorged tissues. The mighty trouser beast gave one gigantic pulse, then another, and then another. And then the young man’s eighth orgasm of the night slammed into his nuts with a force that could shatter concrete. 

A humongous gout of watery fluid spurted out of the Bull’s gigantic cock, through the collection tube, and into the nearly-full gallon-sized jug. The enormous jet of liquid was the color of potato water, containing a paltry fraction of the sperm that had been found in his previous loads, but it was a productive orgasm nonetheless. A second, much smaller spurt pulsed out right behind the first, and the third was just a short, small jet of fluid. After that, the cock’s mighty lurches and pulsations only produced tiny dribbles of nearly clear fluid. The Bull’s colossal whale nuts had finally been drained dry, purged of every last sperm cell contained in their enormous, bloated interiors! 

The Mouse allowed the whirring ball clapper to continue punishing the Bull’s screaming gonads for several long minutes after the last drop of semen dripped out of the monstrously bloated horse cock, wanting to make 100% sure that every last sperm cell had been raped from the man’s gigantic loins. He then finally relented and turned off the ball clapper and vibrating dildo. He deflated and removed the invading rubber cock from the Bull’s supremely plowed backside. The dildo made a loud sucking sound as it finally pulled free from the muscle man’s massive butt, almost as if the Bull’s big ass was hungry to be plundered once again. 

Removing the ball clapper proved to be a more difficult task, for the Bull’s gargantuan bollocks had swollen so unbelievably huge that they were firmly wedged between the two wooden paddles. Fortunately for the Mouse, the utterly traumatized testicular tissues were now so soft and squishy that the young man was able to manipulate and distort them with his fingers, finally pulling the huge heavy sac free from the embrace of the twin paddles. 

The Bull could only pant in exhaustion, too weak to struggle or even speak as the Mouse roughly manhandled his freed bollocks. He could only tremble and grunt as the Mouse dug his fingers into the grotesquely softened ball meat. the strong digits sinking all the way to the very core of those monstrously bloated gonads. The mighty orbs felt almost scaldingly hot in the smaller man’s grasp, and were a dark angry red that bordered on purple. Fresh bruises were starting to erupt all over the surface of the hairy scrotum, and the Mouse could only imagine the damage that had been inflicted on the beefy depths of the two massive testicles’ insides. 

The Mouse continued to roughly knead those soft, swollen, depleted testicles, powerfully turned on by the havoc he had wrought on the much larger man. He then addressed the captive muscle stud, saying, “I don’t think I’ll call you a Bull any more. You’re now a Cow. A Sperm Cow.” The big stud could only tremble in response, his helpless blue eyes locked with the brown liquid depths of the Mouse’s hungry gaze. 

The Mouse then picked up the gallon-sized plastic container, filled almost to the brim with congealed stud spunk. The jug was surprisingly heavy, and the Mouse had to lift it with both hands, careful to not let any of the precious fluid slosh out over the top. His gorgeous lips quirked up in a grin, for he noted that the clear container resembled some sort of massive yogurt parfait. The bottom three or four inches were almost blindingly white, containing the densest semen from the young man’s multiple purgings, while the subsequent layers became more pale as one moved upward, with the final thin layer on top looking like diluted coconut milk. 

“Truly extraordinary, my handsome Cow!” the Mouse said, undisguised awe and wonder audible in his husky, lust-filled voice. “I would never have thought such a volume of seminal emissions were humanly possible. I saw it with my own eyes, and I can still barely believe it! Fortunately, the two dozen cameras I have hidden throughout this room will have captured every detail of this evening’s events, and I’ll be able to review them over and over again…” 

“In the meantime, I must thank you for this incredibly generous gift you’ve given me! I can normally sell the sperm I harvest for between $1,000 and $2,000 an ounce, and I once had an exceptionally handsome and gifted young stud that earned me $5,000 an ounce. But YOU, my beautiful male Cow, you are extraordinary indeed! I estimate that I could easily get $10,000 an ounce for your alpha stud bull sperm! And considering that you’ve just pumped out nearly a GALLON of the stuff tonight, that’s over $1,000,000 sitting in this jug!! You’re going to make me a very rich man!” 

“Of course, I’m not nearly done with you yet. I’m going to hook you up with some IVs, replenishing the fluids and electrolytes that I’ve raped from your loins, and I’m going to give your temporarily spent bull nuts a few hours to rest and recover. Then it’s back to milking time. I doubt I’ll be able to get nearly this much spunk out of you in our next session, but with bollocks as huge and tough and oversized as yours, I expect you’ll continue to impress me with your massive emissions.” 

“I have dozens of ways of forcing a pair of balls to give up their heavy loads, and most are far more painful than what you just experienced. But I think you can take it. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to experience the entire array of ball-milking methods I have at my disposal!” 

“Until your big balls finally fail, of course.” 

“Yes, my hunky friend, I’m going to keep on torturing and draining your mighty bollocks until the massive orbs finally give out. I intend to burn out all of those sperm-producing cells, wreck your gigantic testes, and turn you from a mighty Bull into a sexless Steer. It might take a few days, a week perhaps, maybe even longer, but when I’m done with you, there will be nothing resembling a function set of balls between those enormously muscular thighs of yours.” 

“You see, if I allowed you to keep your balls intact, they would represent a constantly renewable source of your manly emissions. And that’s where the problem lies. My employers like to own the sole source of sperm from my stud Bulls, and if you get to keep your balls, then you could keep right on making massive quantities of your pearlescent crude. That would devalue your seed on the open market, creating a glut of supply. Or, in your case, a literal flood…” 

“Therefore, by the end of our time together, I’ll have to remove these beautiful, bountiful, behemoth bollocks from your massively muscled body. And I’ll almost certainly be cutting off that monstrous bull cock of yours as well. I know rich clients who would spend a small fortune to possess the taxidermied remains of the largest set of cock and balls to ever grace a human being. Of course, I have no idea what use such a client would have for that monstrous cock of yours. You certainly couldn’t use it as a dildo without killing someone, so maybe they could use it as a doorstop, or perhaps even a traffic bollard…” 

“It will truly be a shame to ruin such a spectacular specimen of manhood as yourself, my handsome Sperm Cow. In fact, I’m already quite fond of you! You’re the handsomest man I’ve ever seen, and your titanically muscled body is utterly flawless, particularly your godlike genitals. I am also drawn to your arrogance and cockiness, for I love nothing more than bringing big studs like you down a few pegs.” 

“Yes, it’s sad that I’m going to have to destroy such masculine perfection, but I intend to have as much fun as possible along the way. Get ready for the ride of your life, my handsome Cow!”

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Original Version

Hello everyone!

Here is the original version of Pumpkin Pounded by Sack Stomper. I just LOVE this guy's stories!!!


Pumpkin Pounded

Twenty-four year old Nate Sebring sat quietly, a look of forced relaxation so intense it looked exaggerated concealed a rage bubbling just beneath the surface. The only sound in his small living room was the rhythm ticking of a wall clock and a light autumn rain pattering against the window, but he hardly noticed as he stared intently at the photograph in his hands. It was a picture of him and another man hugging and smiling at the Jackson County Summer Jamboree taken just a few weeks prior. The smiling Nate on the photo was in sharp contrast to the blank faced young man looking down at it.

Even in his disgust, Nate couldn't help but admire the look of Chuck, the other man in the picture. Chuck was five-foot nine, the same height as Nate, but was nearly thirty pounds heavier, a stocky almost bearish man who had turned 36 that summer. Chuck's medium length dark brown hair was neatly styled and framed his round, handsome face. Even on the low quality photo paper, his smoky brown eyes seemed to glisten. Tufts of thick chest hair puffed from his partially unbuttoned chest-hugging plaid shirt and stone washed jeans that showed off his thick calves and an ample bulge in his crotch, features that even now Nate found hard not to admire.

Nate looked up at the clock to check the time, his good friend William 'Alex' Monroe was running late as usual.

Nate ran a hand through his short, sandy brown hair as his mind replayed in sickening detail the conversation he and Chuck had had just hours after the fateful photograph was taken. Nate and Chuck had met online three years prior and after courting each other for a year, Nate packed his small apartment's worth of belongings into a van and moved the forty-five minutes to the small town of Jackson Hollow to move into Chuck's slightly less modest apartment. For a while, as the photo captured quintessentially, all was well. Nate had quickly found a job unloading freight at a local store. The relocation forced him to make friends, like Alex outside his comfort zone. The heavy lifting at his job worked to tone up his torso, meaning he carried himself with a slightly move svelte, developed profile than Chuck. But then, like a sudden end of a good dream, things fell apart. Chuck became increasingly callous and distant, pointing out every one of Nate's flaws and missteps.

Chuck picked fights and made rude comments about how he no longer found Nate attractive. He openly flirted with younger, slimmer guys and constantly compared Nate's huskier frame to theirs. It was as if Nate were merely a toy Chuck had gotten tired of playing with and had set aside. Using the last of his savings, and fed up by Chuck, Nate moved out into the small, virtually empty apartment he found himself in today. As he sat waiting for Alex, Nate replayed the details of his relationship with Chuck and kept reaching the same conclusion. Chuck was an immature, fickle cub who shouldn't be allowed to fuck anyone over any more...

At first Nate was too lost in thought to notice the knocking on the door and it wasn’t until the second round of slightly louder knocks that he glanced up at the door. Snapped out of his thoughts, Nate hopped up and headed to the door, not even bothering to ask who it was before opening it.

As expected, standing on the other side was Alex Ward. Alex was slightly taller than Nate but noticeably lighter, though far from lanky. Although he was Nate’s age, Alex’s youthful, freckled face that could have easily passed for a teenager, a trait that would fit perfectly into Nate’s grand scheme.

“Obsessed much?” Alex asked with a dry chuckle as he gestured to the photograph Nate was still clutching in his hand.

Nate, forgetting that he was still holding the photo, crushed it into a ball with his fist and threw it to the ground as he and Alex sat next to each other on the couch. Nate produced his laptop that had been tucked under the couch and opened it to reveal the login page to Jocks4Twinks, a relatively new online hookup site that catered exclusively to hunky, and ostensibly masculine men who were looking for svelte young twinks.

Alex raised an eyebrow quizzically. He wasn’t entirely sure what Nate was up to, or how he factored into it, but was more than eager to help his friend exact revenge on his slimy ex-boyfriend.

“So… Jocks4Twinks? Not seeing how this STD clearinghouse is going to help you with Chuck.”

Nate smiled wickedly as he started explaining his plan. When he and Chuck lived together, Chuck had routinely used Nate’s laptop as a matter of convenience. Shortly after Nate had moved out, he had opened the laptop to check his email and saw that it was still logged into Nate’s account and despite himself he couldn’t resist the urge to pry. All of the emails were routine except for a confirmation email from Jocks4Twinks letting Chuck know that his new account under the user name Country Creamer.

“Ooh, juicy. What’s in his profile?” Alex asked.

With a few clicks Nate pulled up Chuck’s user profile on the site. What Nate found most incredulous was that Nate’s profile picture was the same one they had taken at the summer festival with Nate crudely cropped from the frame. Because Nate wasn’t a member, all but the most basic information was blocked out, but there was still enough for Alex to skim over.

“This is my favorite part,” Nate laughed pointing to a small blurb Chuck had written about himself.

“Country cub wanting to plow the cream right out of a sissy little twink…” Alex read aloud; the rest of the text was blocked out presumably for members only.

“So hunky Nate has a sweet tooth for Twinkies, eh.”

“Yeah and I guess I didn’t make the cut,” Nate laughed dryly gesturing over his decidedly non-twink torso, “but you do.”

Alex blushed as he ran a hand through his casually tussled, shoulder length red hair. He stood up and did a playful turn to show off his twink-like build. Alex’s five foot eleven inch tall frame was lean and slim with toned arm and chest muscles which he usually kept obscured under loose fitting clothing. He wasn’t skinny per se, but was much lankier and twink-like than Nate.

“I think I could pass for a twink,” Alex said, purposefully adding effeminate flare to his otherwise deep voice.

“I think you could!”

Still not entirely sure what Nate was up to, William setup an account on the site under the user name Ginger Snap being sure to include specific phrases and keywords Nate knew would catch Chuck’s attention. Although Ginger Snap’s physical stats matched Alex’s, that was the extent of any overlap between Alex and his alter ego. Because Chuck’s profile made it clear he wanted to be a dominate top, Ginger Snap was listed as a total bottom, the complete reverse from Alex. Ginger Snap was 19 years old, liked beefy, older guys, had a submissive stream, loved to be dominated in bed and had a relatively small cock – a detail added to add to the emasculated twink persona they were going for. None of those things was true about Alex, who was actually a total top with a massive, ass-wrecking penis he would much rather use on a twenty-something muscular athlete than the older, rounder Chuck.

When Nate was sure that the profile was sure to catch Chuck’s attention he darted out of the room to grab his camera. He directed Alex to remove his shirt, let his jeans sag at the waist and pose provocatively against a blank wall. Alex let his wrists go limp and gave a much friendly, youthful smile than normal, all while taking in a deep breath in an effort to soften his abs a bit. Alex, ironically the most masculine person involved in Nate’s scheme, looked like an absolute, cock-starved girly teenage twink. Nate applied a softening Instagram filter to the final image to make it look even younger and playful before uploading it to this computer and attaching it to Ginger Snap’s profile.

“Perfect, that will do nicely.” Nate said admiring his handiwork on the screen.

Ginger Snap was practically a Chuck magnet.

“So what exactly is it that you have planned, Nate?”

“Oh you’ll see. Don’t worry you won’t have to do anything gross with him, just string him along until he agrees to meet you,”

Nate grinned as he read the extended version of Chuck’s profile blurb:

“Country cub wanting to plow the cream right out of a sissy little twink over and over. My perfect twink would be between 18 to 22 years old, NO EXCEPTIONS, be totally submissive and know how to please a man. I’m a take charge dude but won’t mind letting a filthy cum whore take the lead in getting me worked up for his final, messy reward. Let’s get together guys and let me wear out your jaw on my nine inch dick before plowing into your warm, tight ass. Oh, and bedrooms are for sleeping – let’s mix it up.”

“What a tool,” Nate snorted when Alex was done reading.

“Is his cock really nine inches?” Nate asked casually.

“Yeah, or maybe a little bigger,”

“Hmm. I just assumed not, seeing how everyone lies on these sites. Poor little unsuspecting twinks. I wonder how many he’s split apart so far.”

Nate rolled his eyes as he clicked a button above Nate’s profile. The laptop responded by playing a wet, slurping sound effect.

“What’d you just do?”

“I sent him a ‘Slurp’. It’s like a ‘wink’ or a ‘smile’. Just to get the ball rolling…”

No sooner had he started his sentence than the computer made another slurping sound. Then another and another. Nate opened Ginger Snap’s email to see that three horny ‘jocks’ had attempted to get his attention just in the few minutes the account had been active. Without even opening the messages, Nate deleted them all; there was only one man he was interested in meeting up with Ginger Snap.

“Goodness, that profile is really luring them in.” Alex said.

“It’s probably that picture. Yummy.”

Alex flushed red as his friend playfully licked his lips and eyed him up and down.

Alex rolled his eyes, “So what do we do now? What exactly is your plan?”

“We lure him in and just when he thinks he’s about to get a piece of red-headed ass, I’ll hurt him worse than he hurt me.”

Alex, still eager to help his friend and bemused by the prospect of leading a quasi-double life, was slightly unsettled by Nate’s tone.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be a blast.”


As Nate expected, Alex’s Ginger Snap persona was extremely popular on the Jocks4Twink site. Ginger Snap’s email would receive several messages a day from hunky jocks, bears and cubs eager to tear open his supple ass and, just to amuse himself, Alex would occasionally respond leading on some hapless country stud. But the true target, Country Creamer, didn’t send a message. Several weeks passed and the air was starting to take on a decidedly nippy crispness.

By late October, Nate had taken to checking Ginger Snap’s email only once a week and was about to resign himself to the possibility that his plan wasn’t going to work when, at last there was a new message waiting from Country Creamer.

For the next week, Nate and Alex took turns posing as the twinkie Ginger Snap in long, raunchy online chat sessions with Chuck. One evening the two even ate snacks and drank beer laughing hysterically amongst themselves as they worked Chuck into a dirty-talking frenzy. While Chuck was blowing his load, he couldn’t imagine that the awesomely nasty, eager bottom slut he thought he was talking to was actually his ex-boyfriend and a very masculine red head playing him for a fool

And so it went for the next two weeks, into early November, before the inevitable finally happened. Chuck, too horned up and turned on to confine himself to having cybersex with Ginger Snap, agreed to meet him. Chuck thought he was in for a marathon, twink-ass-busting session of pounding hot sex but Nate had something much less steamy in mind. Alex, for his part, still wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do with Chuck other than guide him to a clearing in the middle of a cornfield off Old Malinowski Road, miles outside of town.

At Nate's instruction, Alex told Chuck to pick him up outside a grocery store in town. Chuck had revealed a fantasy of wanting to pick up a svelte horny hitch hiker and have his way with him and Nate was happy to give him one more moment of false happiness before his plan finally unfolded. At just before daybreak, Chuck rolled up in his shiny black Impala and motioned for Alex to hop in. As they made their way outside of town, Chuck didn't even bother to hide the huge bulge growing in his own jeans as he eye-fucked Alex. Alex was hotter than Chuck had imagined, wearing skin tight jeans and an over-size A-shirt that made his arms seem lankier than they really were. His hair was heavily styled into a ponytail and he was using feminine hand gestures and vocal inflection that totally played into Chuck's idea of the perfect submissive twink.

The sun was just peering over the horizon as Alex pointed Chuck to turn down an almost totally overgrown road that jutted from the highway. The beefy perv greedily obliged as Alex unfastened his seat belt so that he could unzip Chuck's jeans, lean over and take Chuck's truly huge cock into his mouth. Chuck’s large nuts bounced against Alex's chin as he expertly swallowed all nine inches of steely cock. Chuck moaned as the car drove further into the field open field, using one hand to keep the twink's head pressed firmly on his cock. Alex, for his part, was hoping his blow job would distract Chuck from realizing they were driving further and further into the middle of nowhere. The plan was working.

“Stop the car,” Alex instructed, gasping as he came up from air.

The car rolled to a stop just where the open field turned into a corn field of extremely tall stalks. As planned, there was a path cut into the corn that seemed to lead into a maze.

“This maze was left over from the jamboree. They're just gonna' plow it over soon so might as well get one more good go in it.” Alex explained as he got out of the car.

A clearly sexually frustrated Chuck exited, his nine inch thick cock bobbing out of his open zipper as he followed Alex into the maze.

“Mmm, daddy. The last guy who took me in here fucked me so hard his cum hit the back of my teeth,” Alex said in a sultry voice as he guided Chuck literally by his dick further into the maze.

“Oh yeah, boy! I'm gonna' plow the shit outta' you,”

“Mmm, sir. Make me your little slut. You wanna lay be down right here and pound this ass don't you?”

Chuck was going insane as this hot ginger twink was all but begging him to fuck his brains out. He was so turned on he didn't notice that the corn maze wasn't a maze at all, but a relatively straight path with no turns.

"We're almost to the center, daddy," Alex teased as he saw their actual destination ahead.

At first, Chuck was so focused on Alex that he barely noticed that they had exited the towering corn stalks and emerged into a meadow on the other side. But he hardly seemed to care as he reached out and grabbed Alex by the arm and drew him closer. Keep dropped to his knees and took as much of Chuck's thick cock into his mouth as he could stand, trying to cover his disgust at the musky smell.

"Over here! There is nothing hotter than being laid out and fucked hard and deep, with nothing but nature staring up your ass," said Alex after he had sucked Chuck's cock until it was even harder.

He sprang to his feet and, keeping up his youthful twink facade, walked backward toward a lone pine tree in the middle of the meadow. When he got to the tree he stood with his back to the trunk and bent down to touch his tows, leaving his round, perky jeans-clad ass in the air.

"Oh boy!" Chuck squealed.

Chuck's back pressed against the tree trunk as he stood behind the young stud and grasped his hips with his hands. Alex did his best to feign moans of pleasure as Chuck thrust and grinded his now dripping cock against his ass, only the thin fabric of his jeans separating him from what promised to be a gut-busting fuck. Alex glanced around, desperately hoping that Nate would arrive as planned before the much more powerful Chuck overtook him.

Alex stood up, pivoted on one foot and turned to face Chuck. Chuck smiled broadly as Alex leaned in and locked lips with him. As Alex pressed into Chuck, Chuck closed his eye in the moment but Alex slyly kept his open so he could glance into the corn stalks on the horizon. As planned, Nate dressed all in black, was jogging quickly up from behind. Nate didn't need to be particularly subtle with his approach since Chuck was entirely focused on making out with Alex.

When Nate was standing directly behind the tree he dropped a length of rope and nodded. Alex broke away from the kiss reached down and began stroking Chuck's throbbing cock as he licked his lips.

"Mmm. Your cock is so big, you're so hot. Lemme' show you how I please a man, daddy."

Chuck grinned and let his arms fall to his sides, totally exposing himself to whatever naughty fantasy Alex was going to play out.

Alex reached for Chucks hands and guided them until they were behind his back, hugging the tree.

"You know what I wanna' do to you stud?"

"Yeah boy, make me cum. Do whatever you want," Chuck’s cock was throbbing and leaking.

"Okay, he's ready!" Alex shouted, dropping the prissy twink routine.

Before Chuck knew what was happening, Nate had grabbed both of his hands and was hurriedly hand cuffing them together behind his back. Meanwhile, Alex had dropped to his knees and was busy using the rope Nate had dropped to tie Chucks' angles around the base of the tree.

"Hey! What the Hell..."

"Shut it!" Nate hissed, grabbing Chuck's bobbing cock and giving it a painful squeeze.

Chuck winced as his heart started to race.

"We have a surprise for you," Alex started, pulling Chucks cock outward.

Chuck arched his back painfully trying to stop Alex from pulling his dick off, and screamed when he realized he couldn't do anything to lessen the pressure. If Alex kept yanking and pulling his cock would..

"That's enough, Kip. Wouldn't want to spoil all the fun."

Alex released Chuck's cock as Nate rounded the tree and grinned wickedly at his ex. Chuck's fear quickly turned to bemused annoyance as he saw Nate, smirking and laughing at his timid ex-boyfriend's far-fetched threat.

"Well, well, well. I didn't know you were into whips and chains and stuff, but..." Chuck began snickering, pausing for a moment to eye Alex up and down.

"But I think I could make an exception with this one. But I'm not much into threesomes so if that'll be all, why don't you..."

Nate let out a pent up howl-like grunt that startled Chuck into silence as he reached forward and pulled down the hulking jock's jeans to his feet. Chuck's huge genitals were now swinging freely in the crisp autumn air. Each of Chuck's balls was about the size of a golf ball and almost comically round, covered in a patch of thick brown hair and taught to his body. They were totally defenseless, like two fleshy goofballs waiting to be knocked off their tee, and Chuck’s heart sank when he noticed Nate's gaze resting on them.

'No! That will not 'be all'. You are not in control here, Chuck." Nate hissed.

Without breaking eye contact with Chuck, Nate grabbed one of Chuck's balls in each hand and began to squeeze. Just as he remembered, the orbs were incredibly hard, dense objects that at first resisted deformation. But as Nate dug his thumb into the middle of each nut, he could feel he was starting to soften them up. The slow, methodical squeezing and tugging went on for nearly five minutes while Chuck pleaded, interrupted by an occasional girlish scream.

"What the -- what the fuck are you doing! Let me go... Aaaah"

Alex stood by silently, enjoying the look of satisfaction on Nate's face as he exacted revenge on Chuck. Oddly enough, Alex couldn't help but feel his own cock start to stir as he watched Chuck's sperm tanks turning red and swelling. Chuck watched in disgust as Alex began rubbing the bulge in his crotch, turned on at the big jock's de-nutting.

“Well I think he's had enough," Nate remarked as he let both of the big nuts out of his hands.

They were beet red and slightly swollen, but still whole. His cock had long ago gone limp, and was now a two inch thick stub that jutted out from his crotch.

Nate motioned for Alex to follow him back into the cornfield.

"So we're just going to leave him here?" Alex laughed as they entered the towering corn stalks.

"Not exactly."

Alex, still not entirely sure what the ultimate plan was, followed Nate a bit further into the field until they came across a small Radio Flyer wagon filled with pumpkins of various sizes and a second, larger contraption that was mounted on the top of a wooden wagon. It look Alex a few moments to realize what the mounted object was, but he realized what he was looking at his face lit up in a wide, toothy grin.

"Is that... are you serious?"

"Very serious. Oh, we're not done with him yet. Grab that wagon there,"

Alex wheeled the wagon full of gourds back into the open field, followed closely by Nate wheeling the awkward, wagon-mounted contraption. Chuck was struggling valiantly to free himself but to no avail and, upon seeing what Nate was wheeling toward him, his efforts became even more frantic.

"What! What are you doing? Let me go, Nate." Chuck screamed to Nate whom was still quite a bit away.

Nate ignored him as he positioned the contraption directly in front of the tree about half of a football field away and paused.

"Use this one," Alex suggested handing Nate a small pie pumpkin.

"Perfect. Have to get the aim right first." Nate smiled as he loaded the pumpkin onto the wagon-mounted catapult.

The pumpkin-hurling catapult was a decidedly crude contraption, the product of a few hours of internet research and a visit to the local hardware store, but it was functional enough for the task at hand. Ignoring Chuck's pleading, Nate pulled back on the loaded catapult, did the best he could to aim, and fired.

Chuck was muted with terror as he watched the small orange ball sailing toward him, but landing about a yard short. The pumpkin burst as it hit the ground with significant force. He could only imagine what would have happened had the pumpkin hit him...

"We need to get closer," Alex said dragging the catapult closer to the target.

"What are you... no. Please don't..." Chuck cried as Nate casually loaded another small pumpkin onto the catapult.

"Ready... aim... fire!" he called out gleefully as he let the second pumpkin sail.

The pumpkin collided with Chuck's heaving pecs with so much force that for a moment he was afraid it had cracked a rib. A fiery welt appeared on his hairy chest before the bounced pumpkin had even hit the ground.

"How do we lower the aim?" Alex asked eying the device curiously.

"Like this..."

Nate adjusted a large orange spring at the rear of the machine and, when he was satisfied, loaded a small summer squash and fired. The gourd landed short of its target, sailing just between Chuck's legs.

"Almost." Nate and Alex said in near unison.

It was at that moment that Chuck figured out what the true target was for Nate's evil machine. Nate wasn't just content to hurl heavy, hard pumpkins at him randomly. He was aiming for his crown jewels and, if the impact force of the first pumpkin was any indication, Nate was trying to do more harm than an innocent prank.

"No! Nooo!" Chuck screamed as he struggled against his bonds.

Nate shook his head in annoyance as he casually pulled a roll of duct tape out of his pocket. He totally ignored the pleading hunk as he walked up to the tree, retrieved a length of duct tape, and placed it over Chuck's mouth. Nate smiled in self-satisfaction as he rejoined Alex at the machine, loaded another small pumpkin and smiled cruelly as he pulled back on the firing mechanism.

"Fire!" Alex shouted out as the pumpkin went sailing.

Although the pumpkin only took a few seconds to cross the field, to Chuck it seemed to take forever. His eyes were fixated on the pie pumpkin as it came closer, and closer...


Chuck's muffled screaming drowned out the sound of the pumpkin crashing full-force into his huge balls. The aim was spot on and the force was tremendous. The pumpkin split on impact before falling the ground, revealing two extremely red, battered balls. Chuck writhed and screamed as tears streamed down his pain-contorted face. He had never felt such tremendous pain and was sure his testicles had just ruptured, but they were still quite whole.

"Perfect! Gimme' a bigger one," Nate instructed and Alex quickly obliged handing him a slightly larger white pumpkin.

Chuck's now slightly loosened nuts bounced wildly as he frantically tried to escape his bonds. Nate placed the medium sized white pumpkin into the catapult, pulled back on the spring and sent the heavy gourd sailing.


Chuck nearly passed out from the pain as the larger, heavier pumpkin smashed into his nutsack. Chuck's bull nuts and limp cock were flattened dangerously against his pelvic bone and he was sure Nate was inflicting serious damage to his...


Chuck hadn't even had time to process the last impact before another medium sized white pumpkin collided with his genitals. This pumpkin's skin was slightly harder, so didn't immediately spit on impact, meaning it had even more crushing force as it flattened Chuck's nuts against his pelvis. Chuck's girlish squeals were almost entirely muddled by the tape over his mouth. His face was flushed red and his broad chest was heaving from his sobbing. By now his already huge balls were even larger and beet red, the skin of his sack glistened as the swollen orbs inside pressed against it. Alex handed Nate another, slightly larger yellowish pumpkin.

Nate grinned as he bounced weighed the next pumpkin in his palm. This yellow pumpkin, though slightly smaller than the white ones, was significantly denser and heavier feeling and he smiled at the prospect as he loaded the catapult for another blow. Alex meanwhile was sporting a massive bulge in his overly-tight jeans and beads of sweat were starting to form on his forehead; watching Chuck's balls get crushed was turning him on more than he thought it would.

"Careful. You're gonna pop a button," Nate joked ad he noticed the outline of Alex's dick pressing against his zipper.

"Ready... Aim... Fire!"

Chuck was going hysterical, writhing wildly but unable to loosen his restraints. He was totally defenseless as the pumpkin, a nothing put a yellowish blur, zeroed in on his manhood.

"MMmmmmppph!" Chuck screamed as the pumpkin found its target.

The yellow orb landed squarely at the seam of Chuck's nutsack. As Nate expected, this denser pumpkin dug even further into the fleshy, softening orbs than the others. Chuck literally felt his testicles pressing against his pelvic bone, being crushed as the pumpkin sank deeper, and deeper... and deeper. For a horrifying moment, Chuck was sure this pumpkin wasn't going to stop until it was touching his pelvis; leaving nothing left of the jock nuts it was slamming into.

"Mmmmmppph! MMmmph!" Chuck cried out as the yellow pumpkin bounced off his crotch and landed on the heap with the others.

A small wet patch was appeared on Alex's jeans, outlining his mushroom shaped cock head. He had started rubbing and stroking the outline of his now fully hard cock as he watched Chuck's humiliation.

"I think he's learned his lesson. Let's go check the damage," Nate instructed and the two made their way to the captive Chuck.

Chuck was sobbing and pleading desperately, but Nate and Alex ignored him. As expected, Chuck's ball sack was nearly twice as big as their already beefy normal size. They were bright red and the skin of his abused scrotum was stretched extremely tight as it struggled to hold in their bulging contents. Alex's cock twitched as he observed how Chuck's sack looked like it was about to burst open at the slightest touch.

Chuck winced as Nate roughly grabbed Chuck's ridiculously swollen balls, one in each hand, and began to roll and squeeze them. Chuck was absolutely powerless and pleaded with his ex-lover to let him go, but Nate just smirked derisively as he dug his thumb into Chuck's bulging left nut meat.


Chuck's eyes bulged out as Nate dug his thumb deeper and deeper into the bloated nut. Chuck was sure Nate wasn't going to stop until his fingers and thumb were touching and was bracing himself for the wet, loud 'pop' he expected at any moment...

"Can I try?" Alex asked excitedly.

Nate dropped Chuck's nuts and stepped aside, leaving his ex totally exposed to Alex. The red haired stud stood between Chuck's legs for a few moments as if deciding what to do next. Then he reached out and clasped Chuck's abused left nut, sandwiching it with both of his hands.


Ironically, Chuck's frantic screaming only served in to make Alex's cock even harder. Alex's face was flush with effort as he pressed his strong hands together as hard as he could. Alex could feel Chuck's huge, round nut getting flatter and flatter... and flatter. But to a point, it stopped compressing, remaining a rock hard, firm meaty patty pressed in his hands. Alex literally grunted in effort as he pressed as hard as he could, expecting at any moment to feel his palms touch and the juicy nut between them to implode.

"It looks like you're liking this more than I am," Nate observed as the head of Alex's cock poked out of the waistband of his jeans.

"I guess you're right," Alex laughed, letting go of Chuck's nut.

Chuck was delusional from the pain of having his nuts cracked, but they were still perfectly whole.

Alex stroked the full length of his slightly larger than nine inch cock through his jeans with one hand while he reached for and grabbed Chuck's nub of a cock with the other. Chuck wasn't even remotely sexually excited, but he couldn't control his cock as it slowly started to swell.

"Mmmph..." tears of humiliation streamed from Chuck's eyes while he desperately pleaded for Alex to stop stroking his cock.

Nate watched as Alex knelt down and swallowed Chuck's cock, now grown to five inches, into his mouth. Chuck wasn't Alex's type at all, but Alex was finding himself incredibly turned on by Chuck's helplessness and the humiliation of coaxing him into an unwelcome hard on.

It didn't take long for Chuck's cock to grow to its full nine inch length and Nate couldn't help but get turned on as he watched Alex's svelte throat bulging as he effortlessly took the entire length. Meanwhile, the forced load boiling in Chuck's sack was making his throbbing nuts hurt even more and he prayed Alex would stop soon.

Alex stopped sucking and rose to his feet, grabbing Chuck's throbbing cock with both hands and stroking it slowly, concentrating on the overly-sensitive head. Chuck felt like he was going to spew his load as Alex worked the hunk's cock like an expert. Despite himself, Chuck began moaning in pleasure and Alex could feel Chuck's cock bobbing and throbbing as his pent-up load get closer and closer to spewing all over Alex. Chuck's eyes were rolling and Alex knew he was mere seconds away from getting splattered by Chuck's tortured load...

"Okay, let's get back to the catapult before he gets soft." Alex said evilly.

Chuck's cock jutted out nine inches from his balls, steely hard and desperate to shoot. It bobbed slightly with each heartbeat, tugging on his battered nutsack and causing Chuck to wince. When Chuck and Alex were back at the catapult, Alex picked out a large, bright orange pumpkin. It was by far the heaviest, largest pumpkin they had picked out so far and Alex quickly loaded it onto the catapult and pulled back on the arm.

"Oooh! I see what you did there," Nate exclaimed as he figured out that the rock-hard pumpkin was about to pound into Chuck's throbbing pole.

"Here we go!" Alex shouted as he let go of the launch arm and sent the heavy orange pumpkin fly.

Chuck, his mind washed in hormones and desperate to cum, didn't realize what was about to happen...


"MMMMMMMph!" Chuck's face turned instantly red as he screamed so hard veins became visible on his neck.

The pumpkin collided with his protruding, hard cock with so much force that it bent at awful right angles in three places with a resounding CRACK. As the pumpkin continued, it pushed the ruined cock onto itself like an accordion and, not slowed at all, crashed into Chuck's swollen ball bag with a wet crunch. Alex and Nate could see that Chuck's cock was destroyed, bent in unnatural angles as purplish welts began to appear throughout its length. His balls had been flattened to a half inch thick, at the absolute limit of bursting, before the pumpkin finally stopped traveling and bounced off.

"That was awesome!" Nate shrieked.

"Guess he won't be fucking anyone else,"

They loaded another large orange pumpkin and didn't even bother giving Chuck a moment to catch his breath before they launched it.


Chuck heaved as the pumpkin flattened his testicles against his pelvis until the enormous nards were only a quarter inch thick. They were throbbing and were taking noticeable longer to plump back...


Two more of the heavy orange pumpkins collided in rapid succession. Chuck's left nut was swelling faster than the right and was starting to take on a soft squishy consistency. Chuck passed out entirely after the second pumpkin had flattened his entire sex life into a squishy, quarter inch thick patty.

Alex, his cock still sticking up over the waistband of his jeans, sprinted over to Chuck to survey the damage. The hulking stud stirred slightly as Alex examined his nuts and cock in his hands. As was visible even from afar, Chuck's once proud donkey dick was history. Every inch of his shaft had a nasty bend and Alex's sadistic attempts to straighten it out instantly awakened a frantically screaming, crying, struggling Chuck.

Alex refocused on Chuck's balls, clasping his left nut between his palms and pressing down. This time the nut flattened much more than before and was a lot less firm. He did the same to the right and noticed it felt even softer.

"Doesn't look like they can take much more of this," Alex laughed as he tried his hardest to totally crush Chuck's huge ball in his bare hands.

"I wonder... what it'll sound like... when it bursts..." Alex taunted, as he felt Chuck's ball starting to literally collapse in his hands.

Alex was so focused on destroying Chuck's ball he didn't immediately notice Nate walking up beside him.

"Let's take this off," Nate said grabbing the duct tape and roughly pulling it off.

Chuck gasped for air before screaming and begging to be let go.

"Please... please let me go! Please! I'm sorry!"

Nate and Alex ignored him as they went back to the catapult. They were down to only three of the large orange pumpkins.

"Let's just use up what we have left and get outta' here."

"I don't think they're gonna' last that long."



"OH SHIT! PLEASE!" Chuck screamed as the first of the last three heavy pumpkins crashed into his crotch.

His mangled cock split like an over-stuffed sausage and his nuts were both blood red.

"Ready... Launch!"

The second pumpkin sailed through the air, connecting directly on target.

"Aaaah!" Chuck wailed.

An intense, mind-bending pain radiated from his nutsack, which he was sure was ruined. He looked down at his beaten package and saw that his balls, though very swollen and red, still appeared to be whole, though they were pulsing in non-stop, unbearable pain.

"Last one...Ready. Aim... Fire!" They two counted down in unison as the last pumpkin sailed.

Chuck screamed in anticipation as he watched the pumpkin approaching as if in slow motion. Although he wanted to look away, he couldn't help but stay fixated on the approaching ball-busting gourd. When it hit his crotch, the tremendous pain knocked the breath out of Chuck as the pumpkin flattened the huge organs to two inches thick...

Chuck began dry heaving as his nuts flattened to one inch....

Alex's cock twitched and leaked precum as Chuck's once enormous sperm tanks were compressed further... half an inch...

Nate wished he had a closer vantage point, holding his breath in anticipation as Chuck's balls were further flattened... quarter of an inch...

Chuck's sack, thoroughly battered and tenderized by the nonstop abuse, barely offered any resistance at all. The pumpkin continued barely noticing the squashed organs underneath it. Chuck's balls got flatter and flatter and flatter...

Both of Chuck's wafer thin testicles imploded in their sack simultaneously. Chuck's eyes bulged outward as the loud double SPLAT echoed in his head. It sounded like something wet and firm, like two ripe tomatoes, being stomped out of existence. It was the loudest, most horrible sound he had ever heard. Chuck's balls had ruptured but the heavy pumpkin kept pressing forward, continuing to mutilate and mash the organs as it went. Chuck's cock was likewise being crushed and destroyed, literally crushed into chunks. The pumpkin finally stopped and bounced off, leaving behind a totally flattened scrotum and a tube of skin; Chuck's cock which was now filled with totally mashed cock tissue. Chuck's huge, beefy sex organs -- the quintessence of his manhood -- had been turned into mush.

Chuck's jaw was nearly dislocated as he opened his mouth as wide as he could, cocked his head back and unleashed an unearthly, full-throat scream. Nate and Chuck were too far away to hear the 'POP' that was still ringing in Chuck's head but Chuck's scream made it clear his nuts had just been cracked open.

"Ooh shit!" Alex screamed out.

He had been subconsciously stroking his cock during the last two pumpkin tosses, threw his head back and explosively shot his load all over himself. Squirt after squirt erupted from the head of his cock as Chuck's non-stop droning scream filled the air.

"That'll teach him to fuck with people,"

Alex, who was still experiencing waves of intense ecstasy after his body shuddering orgasm turned to his friend and smiled.