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Friday, April 28, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 5D

I will be posting Chapters 6-9 here shortly, but wanted to first ask you all if you've got additional ideas on villainous mutants and their special powers, and how those powers might be used to abuse and torture the young muscle hunk Brick Haus. I'm very eager to hear your input, and would be happy to write and post more subchapters under Chapter 5.

In the meantime, enjoy our next villain, Frost! :)


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5D - Varied Tortures


Another memorable torture was performed by Frost, a handsome young man with fair skin and thick short hair that was as white as snow. His mutant power was that his hands would suck the heat out of anything he touched, living or inanimate. He always wore special insulated gloves to keep from accidentally touching something or someone and draining the heat and warmth out of them. He had an unfortunate habit of quickly killing whatever he touched, such was the power of his deadly grasp, and any object that he fully drained became frozen solid and extremely brittle, shattering under the slightest tap. 

And when it was his turn to torture Brick, Frost used his frigid touch to great and terrible effect. 

Frost spent a good deal of his allotted 45 minutes taunting the bound and shackled muscle giant, slowly removing his gloves and then just using a fingertip at a time to touch the handsome lad’s body in various places — a nipple, an armpit, his bellybutton — causing a thin layer of frost to form over that area of skin as the young man’s body heat was sucked away. The affected area of skin would turn pale, edging toward a hint of the pale blue seen in the depth of glaciers. The burning pain of having small portions of his body nearly frozen was agony to the handsome muscle hunk, but even worse was the fiery pain that would erupt as Frost would allow that area of frostbite to slowly thaw as heat once more poured into that site. 

The evil villain then moved to the young man’s gigantic, pulsating cock, gently running his chilling fingers up and down its colossal 22.5-inch length, causing the young muscle stud to writhe and buck against his restraints, moaning and groaning into his ball gag and completely unable to escape. Frost let his touch linger longer and longer on Brick’s behemoth cock, until he finally wrapped his fingers of both hands around the center of the shaft, almost as if he was trying to throttle the great trouser beast, and poured his chilling energy into the mammoth penis. Brick screamed in agony as a deadly pallor spread from beneath Frost’s hands, traveling both up and down his shaft as the cruel mutant tried to freeze the herculean hunk’s massive dick into a solid block of frozen flesh. 

Minute after minute after long, agonizing minute ticked by, with Brick’s mighty tower of a cock turning more and more pale, the thick and incredibly tough tissues of his gargantuan phallus slowly freezing. The constant throbbing pulsations of his monster dick grew less and less powerful as his chilled tissues stiffened, and even the lush river of precum flowing from his cock froze solid, creating a thick lust honey icicle inside the plastic extraction tube. 

Finally, the entire colossal shaft of Brick’s magnificent bull cock had become so pale that it was nearly alabaster, and the thick, bloated veins snaking all up and down its length were a pale blue. Even his massive knob of a cock head had grown pale, changing from a deep pinkish-purple to a pale and dusky purplish-blue. The great muscles at the root of that huge cock continued to pulse and throb, but the flesh of the massive cock-cicle itself had stiffened completely. The pulsations at his crotch just caused the stiff-as-a-crowbar slab of frozen flesh to smack loudly against his fantastically muscular belly and powerful chest muscles. Only then did Frost relent and release his deadly grip on Brick’s mighty member. 

It took several long minutes for Brick’s dick to thaw completely, slowly regaining its healthy color as heat flooded back into its cold and stiffened flesh. The return of warmth caused tremendous agony to the young man, however, and his howls of pain were greater than ever before. 

But all of that was just foreplay to what Frost did next. 

Reaching beneath Brick’s titanically muscular legs, Frost gently cupped one of the young man’s massive orbs in each of his hands, and once again began to pour his deadly cold into the young stud’s warm and vital flesh. Just as his cock had done previously, Brick’s behemoth bollocks began to slowly pale in color as the life-giving heat was slowly sucked out of them. Hoar frost began to spread over both enormous spheres of ball meat as the deadly cold poured into the very heart of each orb. Brick’s twin furnaces of sperm production began to cool, and the huge load that was churning inside of them began to freeze as well. 

Frost spent nearly twice as long on Brick’s huge balls as he’d done on the young man’s mammoth member, gritting his teeth with the effort he was making to drain every last ounce of heat from those unbelievably massive gonads. It took much longer than Frost would have thought possible, no doubt due in large part to the incredible mass and sheer density of each colossal orb, as well as their brutal toughness and astounding will to survive. The vast reservoir of sperm packed inside those massive balls, though, wasn’t quite so insulated from the cold. Brick’s sperm felt like it was freezing almost solid inside of his massive whale nuts, only increasing the burning agony that he felt radiating from his iced genitals. 

Eventually, Frost was satisfied, and removed his hands from a pale blue pair of icy boulders, frozen nearly rock solid by his deadly mutant touch. The grinning mutant then grabbed an oversized sledgehammer that he’d brought just for this purpose and, taking aim on the massive double-barreled target of frozen man nuts, swung the mallet in a powerful arc right into Brick’s defenseless balls. 

Clearly, Frost intended to shatter the young super hero’s frozen balls, taking advantage of the fact that their frozen state would make them much more fragile and vulnerable to breakage. 

A loud crunching sound echoed across the room, like the sound of brittle snow crushed beneath a big boot, only much, much louder. Frost thought for sure that his blow had succeeded in shattering Brick’s frozen and weakened balls, but as the hammer bounced off of those two titanic testes, he could see that both massive nuts were still whole! So he swung the sledgehammer again, and again, and again and again and again, raining terrible abuse down on the now fragile and delicate bollocks, trying to cave them in and shatter their frozen interiors. Sickening crunching sounds emanated from both mammoth orbs with each devastating blow, but they simply refused to burst! The damage that was being done to Brick’s behemoth balls was no doubt severe and quite possibly terminal, and if the great howls and bellows being torn from the young man’s huge lungs were any indication, the trauma to his tenderized testicles was terrible in the extreme! Dents and divots began to form all over the vast terrain of Brick’s ice-cold nuts wherever the huge sledgehammer struck, visible proof that the mighty blows were indeed starting to crack and cave in the thick and powerful walls of those huge bollocks. It was clearly going to be just a matter of time before one of those hammer blows succeeded in breaking through those failing walls altogether. 

The beating and hammering of Brick’s huge balls continued long past any conceivable endurance, and yet his almighty man eggs still refused to break! The cracking and crunching sounds were getting louder and more disturbing sounding, taking on a more liquid and sloshing sound that could only mean that the beefy interiors of those two behemoth bollocks were being shredded and pulverized into uselessness. Even Brick’s mighty powers of healing and recovery might not be able to salvage his beautiful balls this time, even if the deadly rain of destruction stopped right now! 

Nearing the end of his allotted 45 minutes, Frost began bludgeoning Brick’s failing balls with wild abandon, going for broke in his attempt to permanently shatter the super hero’s magnificent bull balls. The hammer was indeed caving in Brick’s balls part way on each obliterating blow, yet they somehow managed to plump back to their spheroid shapes before the next hammer blow hit. It was taking them longer and longer to plump back up, however, and even though their pallid color was just starting to warm up after having been released from Frost’s deadly clutches, it looked like the young muscle hunk’s mighty balls had seen their last day. 

Suddenly, the young man threw back his handsome head and bellowed in agonizing release as he finally hit his long-delayed orgasm. His mighty cock pumped and pulsed and shook several times, and then the first massive salvo of stud sperm erupted from its bloated tip. 

Not even Frost could believe the state of the sperm that began to blow out of Brick’s behemoth bull cock. His normally white-hot spunk had been nearly frozen into a chunky slush, gushing forth in a slurry of barely-liquid spew. Brick’s blindingly white cum had also taken on a grayish cast from being nearly frozen, and as it was powerfully pulled from his loins by the insistent suction tube, the great globs of sperm fell loudly into the waiting plastic canister in huge, slushy, mushy heaps. 

Frost may have coaxed only one massive load out of Brick’s frozen and nearly busted balls, but it was certainly going to be a memorable one! It took the handsome hero nearly five full minutes to pump the chunky slurry out of his screaming bollocks, very nearly filling the five-liter container to the brim in the process. Frost continued hammering the young man’s spunking balls throughout his huge orgasm, pummeling the big bruised berries even after his massive load was complete and right up to the final second of his 45-minute time slot. By then, Brick’s enormous bollocks had nearly completely defrosted, growing firmer and tougher and more heroically resilient as life-giving heat returned to their frigid depths. Even the tail end of his tortured load had thawed back to its normal thick and gloopy texture and consistency, pouring out as a thick goo over the rest of his captured load, almost like marshmallow topping on top of a frozen sundae. 

While the other mutants cheered and congratulated Frost on a job very well done, Doc Evil poured over the data that was coming in on Brick Haus and his huge, icy load. Miraculously, Brick’s gigantic balls weren’t very damaged at all, Frost’s merely greater-than-human strength being insufficient to seriously wound them even in their nearly frozen and thus far more fragile state. The terrible crunching and crackling sounds had actually been from the huge sledgehammer breaking up the frozen mass of the handsome hero’s burgeoning stud load into ever smaller chunks and jagged shards, which in the end actually assisted Brick in blasting out his frozen load, as his loins would have otherwise been trying to futilely pump out two gigantic snowballs of frozen sperm. 

Equally as remarkable was the information on Brick’s cum. The mighty sperm cells clearly endured biting cold far better than searing heat, for more than 99% of the cells in this most recent load were still very much viable and alive! In fact, the only cells that had been destroyed appeared to be those that had been shattered or otherwise broken when Brick’s still-frozen load was being mercilessly hammered inside of the young man’s behemoth balls by Frost’s huge mallet. 

Doc Evil ordered this latest fluid-filled canister be placed in cryostorage with the others in his ever-growing cache of prime super hero stud spunk, and smiled to himself with the thought that this particular load already had a head start going into cold storage, as it was nearly frozen already. The evil genius also realized that, at the rate Brick Haus was going, he would need to dedicate more storage space to the handsome lad’s titanic testicular emissions. A LOT more space, in fact. Doc Evil was amassing the greatest sperm bank the world had ever known, a seed vault without equal, dedicated to just one man’s almighty sperm output. He began to make plans for a large expansion to his underground laboratory… 

Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 5C

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5C - Varied Tortures

Furnace Mouth

Brick’s supremely mighty and powerful bollocks were pushed to the brink of destruction on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. And one of the most memorable of such occasions was when it became Furnace Mouth’s turn to torture the handsome young muscle hunk.

As with so many other super heroes and villains, Furnace Mouth had gained his name for obvious reasons. He resembled a normal human man in most respects, and indeed his body was completely unremarkable except for his unusually-shaped head. Furnace Mouth had a huge mouth and a ridiculously oversized jaw, which he could open to extraordinary dimensions. The inside of his mouth was as black as coal, looking like the soot-covered inside of an industrial oven…which was pretty much what it was. He could summon a terrific heat from the core of his chest, which would rise up into his mouth to create temperatures hot enough to melt adamantium.

Even Doc Evil questioned the wisdom of letting Furnace Mouth have a crack at Brick Haus’ monstrous man eggs, but in the end he acquiesced. After all, he had already gathered many orders of magnitude more sperm than he could ever use, and he was frankly quite curious to see if the hunky hero could survive such extreme torture.

Furnace was a particularly cruel mutant, even for one of the members of Doc Evil’s academy, and he liked to toy with his prey and extend their suffering to the fullest degree. So he started out his 45 minutes of torture by kneeling down between Brick’s colossally muscular legs, looking upward at the gigantic dangling sac of the stud’s behemoth nuts, and then opening his huge mouth wide. He began stoking the flames of his chest, causing a hellish red glow to come from his open mouth, and releasing tremendous heat upward into Brick’s defenseless balls.

The achingly handsome young man began to writhe most appealingly against his restraints, the great heat building and building in the underside of his unprotected nuts. The bottom of his balls was soon an angry lobster red from the extreme heat, and even his crotch, the root of his massive cock, and the inside of his columnar thighs were turning red. Brick’s entire heroically muscular body was soon covered in a thick sheen of fresh sweat, and the sweat of his huge, sagging nuts hissed loudly whenever it dripped into Furnace Mouth’s gaping maw.

It wasn’t too long before the extreme pain caused his overheated nuts to jettison a mammoth cum load into the waiting collection canister, his precious and powerful sperm desperate to escape the ever growing heat. Brick grunted and groaned as he shot out a truly massive load, even by his own stratospheric standards, bucking and pumping and shooting for nearly three full minutes.

But Furnace Mouth didn’t relent, and in fact as soon as Brick’s mammoth load shuddered to a conclusion, the evil villain brought his raging furnace of a mouth even closer to the young man’s momentarily spent nuts. He also ramped up the heat in his chest, turning the dull red glow of his expanded cheeks to a bright cherry red. Brick started to bellow in even greater agony as his massive nuts were enveloped in a most terrific heat, and the massive orbs began to jiggle and dance in their bright red sac as they tried to retract themselves away from the searing heat.

This horrific torture went on and on, minute after minute, with Brick’s monstrous orbs turning a darker and angrier shade of red. The handsome muscle hunk felt like his huge gonads were being cooked on the vine, and in truth, any other man’s balls would have long since expired and shriveled into a pair of charred husks. But Brick’s mighty balls were almost unimaginably stronger and tougher than those of a mortal man, and they endured the abuse even as they continued churning a fresh batch of super sperm.

Brick’s second orgasm hit him like a freight train, the searing agony making it feel like his balls were simply going to explode. His gigantic reservoir of spunk had been super heated by the furnace below, and as it pumped out of his bucking loins, it burned up the length of Brick’s quivering, pulsating cock as if he was spewing molten lava. His mammoth loaded sputtered out of his cock in great, clotted chunks, the sperm so super heated that it had all but congealed into one messy clump of cooked spunk. The muscles deep within the hero’s groin and massive cock had to work overtime to pump out the ridiculously thick, chunky goo, and it threatened to completely clog up his internal plumbing. But Brick’s almighty masculinity proved more than up to the challenge as he churned out blast after blast of his clotted custard.

Doc Evil was avidly watching the extraordinary scene, but he also kept one eye on the various dials and readouts indicating the mighty muscle man’s stress levels and pain index, as well as the quantity and quality of the sperm being extracted from his balls. He fully expected the examination of this batch of sperm to indicate that it was useless for anything except a high-protein additive to the most massive omelette ever made, so he was stunned to discover that the vast majority of the sperm cells being collected were still viable and alive! Just over 86% of Brick’s sperm cells were still fully functioning, proving that even the stunningly handsome and outrageously muscular stud’s SPERM cells were super human!!

With only about 5 minutes remaining on Furnace Mouth’s clock, Doc fully expected the villain to stand up and take his well-earned bows. He had extracted two magnificent loads from the young muscle bull, and taken him to whole new extremes of pain. Brick’s enormous bollocks had now turned from a bright fire engine red to a red so dark and angry as to almost be purple. Blisters were starting to form on the underside of the overheated testes, and the big, burly balls looked like they were in real danger of being cooked clear through.

Doc was therefore wholly unprepared for what happened next.

Opening up his massive maw as far as it would go, Furnace Mouth suddenly lunged upward and completely engulfed both of Brick’s boulder-sized bollocks into his scorching hot mouth, plunging the huge testicles past the gates of Hell.

Brick’s resulting roar of agony was so thunderous that it literally shook the glass in the auditorium windows, and dust actually fell from the ceiling. The young muscle titan was experiencing an agony he would have never thought possible, as Furnace Mouth began to immolate Brick’s behemoth bull balls.

Furnace Mouth immediately began rapidly increasing the already extreme levels of heat inside is beef-packed maw. The mutant’s cheeks were bulging ridiculously large on either side, filled to near overflowing by the super hero’s extraordinarily prodigious bollocks, and the dull red glow of those cheeks quickly flared to a cherry red as the terrific heat in his mouth climbed higher. And higher! And higher still!!

Like a mighty bellows, Furnace Mouth’s exhalations stoked the flames in his chest to ever greater levels, pumping more and more heat into Brick’s trapped and screaming man orbs. The glow of the mutant’s cheeks became brighter and brighter still, reflecting the increasing heat inside his mouth. The cherry red color starting turning paler and paler still, the red color fading as the temperatures increased to even more insane levels. Furnace Mouth’s cheeks were soon a glowing golden hue, which turned paler still until it was an almost blindingly white light.

Surely NOTHING could survive such extreme temperatures!

Brick’s thunderous bellows of pain had quickly turned into screams and shrieks of animal-like agony. He thrashed within his restraints like a mad man, his gargantuan muscles bulging and flexing to even greater dimensions, and he fought with all of his super human strength to escape the volcanic agony inside his dying nuts. His mammoth balls, the source of his super human strength and larger-than-life manhood, were being cooked to death while still attached to his massive body!!

Even Doc Evil feared the worst for the mighty young lad, and almost — ALMOST — made a move to step forward and call off Furnace Mouth’s attack. Maybe if he intervened immediately, he might yet salvage some fraction of Brick’s phenomenal virility. But then a cruel smile played across the doctor’s lips. No, if Brick’s almighty testicles could not survive this hellish heat, then perhaps it was time to bid the hero’s fabled manhood goodbye. It would certainly be a fitting fiery end for the most massive pair of stud nuts in the history of the human race!

Thirty seconds into this brutally extreme torture, super heated steam began to emanate from the tip of Brick’s madly quivering and shaking cock, pouring down the thick plastic tube and making the clear plastic walls of the waiting canister fog up. The temperatures inside of Brick’s massive nuts must be rapidly reaching critical levels, and any fluids inside those mighty orbs must already be well past the boiling point!

A few seconds later, and Brick’s terrible cries of agony reached even more frantic and desperate levels as super heated sperm began to powerfully eject from his thumping and bobbing penis. If the handsome hunk had thought that his previous orgasm of clotted and congealed spunk had been painful, then he was completely unprepared for this whole new level of agony. His powerful and copious sperm was now so extraordinarily hot that it was like a molten lava, almost as much gas as liquid, and as it pumped and jetted forth from Brick’s colossal schlong, it threatened to cook his massive cock from the inside out!

The super heated fluid sizzled and bubbled as it splashed into the waiting container, roiling and churning inside the huge canister. Brick kept right on roaring and screeching and thrashing as his most agonizing load ever blasted through his screaming loins, and the super hero knew that the end of his heroic manhood was upon him. With his big, beautiful, bountiful baby makers trapped in Furnace Mouth’s deadly embrace, the handsome hunk knew that his days as a supreme alpha male were coming to a tragic close.

Each second ticked by like an eternity, and everyone knew that the five minutes that had been remaining on Furnace Mouth’s torture clock were going to be beyond overkill. But still every mutant in the standing-room-only auditorium kept their eyes avidly glued to the brutal and disturbing scene, knowing that they were witnessing the symbolic death of one of the mightiest super heroes that had ever lived.

After about three and a half minutes, the pulsating eruptions of lava cum from Brick’s shuddering monster cock began to decrease in force and volume as his massive ballast tanks were purged of their boiling load. And at four minutes, the last searing trickle of super heated fluid drooled out of Brick’s terminally hard bull cock, heralding the end of the young man’s once-mighty virility. Every last drop of fluid had been seared out of Brick’s massive balls, and surely only hardened, blackened lumps of carbonized flesh must now remain.

And STILL Furnace Mouth’s ball-bloated maw poured fire and death into Brick’s once-beautiful balls! It was a sight that would have turned the stomach of any but the most black-hearted of villains. Of course, the auditorium was full of nothing BUT black-hearted villains, so absolutely no mercy was to be found here for the sobbing and thrashing muscle man.

The final seconds of the torture clock ticked down, with every person in the room gleefully shouting down the final seconds. When the count reached zero, Furnace Mouth finally opened his huge maw to let the remains of Brick’s nuts pop free, and then stood back with a flourish so that everyone could admire his handiwork.

The sight that greeted the mutants in the room was horrific in the extreme. The exterior of Brick’s colossal balls were a charred and blackened ruin, cracked here and there to show dark red meat beneath. Even worse, however, was the hellish glow coming from INSIDE the stud’s massive nuts! It looked like a pair of enormous, red-hot coals had been inserted into the young man’s scorched and carbonized scrotum, glowing with a fiery radiance that lit the entire room. Their colossal mass had also been noticeably reduced — by approximately 15%, according to Doc Evil’s computer readouts — due to a dehydration so severe that it bordered on desiccation.

A mighty cheer went up from the assembled mutants, celebrating the ignominious end to the mighty hero’s mighty manhood. But while the students focused on their celebrations, Doc Evil was busy staring at the readouts on his various displays, searching for any spark or hint of life inside either of Brick’s parboiled bollocks. At first, he believed the worst, that Brick’s big balls had indeed been cooked clear through. But as the data started streaming in, he had to check and then recheck the results, as he couldn’t believe their veracity.

Brick’s balls were still ALIVE!!!

Though super heated beyond all possible endurance, Brick’s testicular tissues had somehow SURVIVED!! They were even now beginning to cool, losing their rosy red glow as their internal temperatures began to ramp down to normal. They also began to plump back up to full size as fluids flooded back into the severely parched tissues, and as the massive orbs swelled, the blacked and charred tissues began to crack and flake away, revealing healthy pink skin beneath. It took the entire 15 minutes of break time allowed between each torture session for Brick’s balls to fully recover, but by the end of that time, not a single trace of their near-fatal brush with immolation remained!

Surprisingly, Brick’s miraculous survival and recovery resulted in even louder roars and cheers from the audience. This celebration had nothing to do with any gladness that Brick’s mighty man parts were still intact; rather, the evil villains were thrilled that the tortures would still be able to continue for their entertainment. They all knew that, once Brick was finally castrated and rendered a eunuch, the great fun of torturing the muscular man beast would be over. Besides, most of the villains hadn’t yet got their turn to torture and abuse the hero’s mighty sperm tanks, and they would have been irked and disappointed if Furnace Mouth had stolen their chance.

While the villains continued their celebrations, Doc Evil checked the readouts on the steadily cooling and congealing sperm that had been collected from Brick’s latest tortured orgasm. He fully expected all of the sperm from that sample to be ruined and dead after having been heated to such extraordinary temperatures. He was therefore shocked to discover that a tiny fraction of the sperm cells — some 1.8% to be exact — were still alive and viable! In a pool of incredibly tough and resilient cells, these were clearly the very toughest and strongest of them all. Doc had the computer extract all of the living cells from the bubbling cauldron of sperm soup, setting aside these sperm cells for special experimentation at a later date.

The rest of the steaming morass of dead and cooked cum was allowed to congeal into one hardened mass of power packed protein. This huge lump of gelatin-like splooge was then sliced up and served later that day in the academy’s commissary as a delicious and savory treat…

Friday, April 14, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 5B

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5B - Varied Tortures


Another example of the mutants’ brutality was evidenced when Quill got her crack at the handsome muscle hunk. Quill looked like a cross between a human and a porcupine, for her flesh was covered with long and extremely sharp quills. Some of her barbs, particularly the retractable quills on her forearms, were extremely long, a few exceeding a full foot in length and as thick as knitting needles. These barbs provided Quill with an obvious method of defense, but the evil mutant had learned how to make them a weapon as well, for she could launch the barbs on her forearms and the back of her hands at will and with tremendous accuracy.

What Quill did to Brick’s bound and defenseless genitals with her barbs made even some of the other villains wince in sympathetic pain. She harpooned Brick’s mammoth bull nuts with her quills, using the longest ones to puncture the young hero’s screaming nuts from the side so that the huge needles plunged clear through BOTH of his wounded bollocks! With six of her longest needles lined up in parallel and speared through the astoundingly thick flesh of Brick’s massive balls, his mighty nuts looked like a pair of oversized meatballs on a kebob. The sight was deeply disturbing and profoundly erotic.

But Quill wasn’t nearly done yet!

She then took heavy chains and attached them to the protruding ends of her spikes on either side of Brick’s nuts, and then hung several hundred pounds of lead weights on either side. It was orders of magnitude more weight than necessary to tear any other man’s straining sex organs right off of his body, but for Brick’s mighty ball cords, it only succeeded in creating a moderate stretch to his huge balls, only about 4 inches. But that was all that Quill needed.

The evil villain then stepped back a dozen paces, faced her handsome and hated enemy, and then started using his trapped and isolated nuts for target practice. One at a time, she launched her fearsome quills at the huge, meaty targets, unerringly striking them every time and plunging yet another huge barb to the hilt into his screaming nuts. She didn’t ignore his mammoth horse cock either, and harpooned that mighty member with dozens and dozens of its own barbs as well. She was always careful to not spear the man’s extraordinarily thick cum tube or the clear plastic tubing running up its enormous length, but the rest of that colossal shaft and enormously swollen head were fair game.

Any other man, mortal or mutant, could never have endured such vile and violent abuse. Even just two or three barbs would have mortally wounded even the biggest and toughest of nuts, and mangled the strongest and proudest cock into uselessness. In fact, even Brick’s super human resilience and the outrageous toughness of his balls was put to the extreme test, and his mighty powers of healing were barely enough to keep his genitals from being slain outright under the unimaginably brutal attack.

But not only did Brick’s almighty cock and balls continue to survive, the extraordinary agony sent him into paroxysms of orgasm. His big, bulging balls looked like cruelly overused pincushions, their tremendous beefy acreage so vast that each nut was able to accommodate more than 100 deadly barbs, with room for even more! And with each mighty pulse and contraction of his nuts during orgasm, his powerfully clutching balls caused each and every quill to quiver and move and dig even deeper into his wounded flesh, increasing his agony — and the force of his orgasms — ten fold!

Of course, harpooning Brick’s mammoth cock and behemoth balls was just part of the torture. Quill had to also perform the painstaking — and pain causing — task of removing each and every one of those quills as well. It turned out that each quill was coated with tiny, sharp barbs that prevented easy extraction. Quill took extreme pleasure in yanking out each quill one at a time with as much violence and force as she could muster, causing the handsome muscle man even more agony than when those huge needles had first plunged into his flesh. Each violent extraction caused the initial wound to tear open even bigger, ripping a fresh bellow of pain from the young hero. His gargantuan balls were soon riddled with dozens and dozens of gaping wounds, each of which trickled a mixture of blood and raw sperm.

By the time Quill was done, Brick’s genitals looked like a bloody and ruined mess. But even as the rapt audience roared their approval for Quill’s expert work, they could see those big puncture holes start to close, and the flow of blood and sperm quickly staunch. Amazingly, by the time Brick’s 15-minute rest period was complete, not a single scar or blemish marred either his beastial cock or monstrous balls! The handsome stud’s extraordinary powers of healing had reversed even this brutal damage!

While such extraordinary healing abilities guaranteed that Brick could survive even such brutal tortures as this intact, it also encouraged the waiting student villains to increase the violence and brutality of their tortures to even greater heights. Tortures that not even the mightiest of mutants should be able to endure, but which the mighty Brick Haus continued to survive…at least for now…

Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 5A

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5A - Varied Tortures

It would take multiple volumes to recount all of the varied, imaginative, and hideous brutal abuses that Brick was forced to endure during his extended captivity, for every depraved and wicked mutant at the academy was given his or her chance to beat and abuse the young man’s melon-sized bollocks every way that they saw fit. No two tortures were quite the same, and it was amazing how creative the students became in the way that they punched, pummeled, kicked, kneed, elbowed, squeezed, crushed, flattened, pulled, yanked, tugged, and all but burst and ripped apart the young stud’s titanic testes. Only a few examples are recounted here to provide some idea of the variety of tortures unleashed on the hunk’s humongous jewels.

Knuckles and Pile Driver

Knuckles and Pile Driver signed up together on the very first day, and got Doc Evil’s permission to work together, pooling their 90 combined minutes of torture time into a tag-team event. Knuckles selected Brick’s behemoth right ball, while Pile Driver was given free and unfettered access to the equally mammoth left ball, and the two mutants had a competition to see which one of them could cause the handsome stud the most pain and crush the most juice from his huge berries.

Given their mutant talents, it was no surprise that both men selected blunt force trauma as their favored approach, and they each beat, hammered, and clobbered their respective bollock until it was nearly reduced to a soupy mass of broken nut guts. Both wicked mutants gave it their all and went for broke, churning out extremely impressive volumes of sperm from the young muscle giant, but in the end it was Pile Driver who won their personal bet.

For his finale, he hit upon the idea of sandwiching Brick’s already heavily battered left nut between both of his piston-like fists, and then switching his pile driving powers to their maximum setting. The two massive metal fists collided with each other so fast and so furiously hard that they were but a blur, and the goliath nard caught between them was forced to absorb every ounce of each devastating blow. The pancaked teste was squashed horribly flat, with perhaps only an inch and a half of brutally compressed nut meat keeping the two piston faces from touching. The poor gonad wasn’t given a chance to plump back up to its normal size, for the blows were just raining down too fast.

It looked certain that Brick’s behemoth ball would either shake apart from the violent vibration of the blows, or simply burst under the unrelenting and merciless assault. But in the end, Brick jettisoned his single largest load of the day, pumping out a phenomenal 4.75 liters of thick and clotted goo, and securing bragging rights for Pile Driver for the rest of the week.

Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 4

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 4 - The Tortures Begin

So began the brutal and protracted raping of Brick Haus’ mighty loins. True to Doc Evil’s word, the handsome young super hero was milked of his supremely potent seed both day and night, his gargantuan 22.5-inch mega cock kept in a state of perpetual arousal and crowbar-like hardness and the Extraction Machine working its diabolical magic 24 hours a day.

The mighty and valiant young hero was subjected to unspeakably brutal tortures all day long, with 16 new academy students signed up each day to wreak unforgettable punishment upon Brick’s burly balls. The methods used to painfully extract the young man’s seed from his massive baby makers were as varied as they were brutal and cruel, and it was inevitable that at least half a dozen times a day, Brick’s incredibly tough and sturdy balls were taken right up to the very brink of destruction. But through a combination of the amazing skill of his torturers and the young man’s own seemingly limitless levels of stamina and endurance, the gorgeous young muscle bull managed to survive each day intact, if only just barely.

At night, the 485-pound muscle god was given a reprieve from the students’ brutal tortures, allowing him some level of rest and recuperation from the day’s agonizing abuses. But that didn’t mean that his limits weren’t still being pushed and tested. The Extraction Machine was set at a consistently low setting during the day, but at night, the dial was cranked to greater levels, dramatically increasing the power of the vacuum-like suction that was being exerted onto Brick’s belabored bollocks. Every night, the machine’s dial was increased just a little bit higher than the previous evening, slowly ramping up the levels of ball-tearing agony being placed on the young stud’s powerful balls. Nearly any other man’s - or mutant’s - bollocks would have quickly imploded under the extreme suctioning stress that Brick’s balls were subjected to each night, but those twin tanks of manhood proved time and again that they were as spectacularly tough as they were freakishly large.

At the end of each class day, a gloating Doc Evil tallied the volumes of prime stud spunk pulled from Brick’s colossal testicles by each student and was utterly amazed at the mind blowing quantities of rich, thick sperm that were being amassed in the steadily growing collection of plastic canisters. The handsome young muscle stud was a veritable GOD of sex, regularly producing an average of 200 liters of sperm per day, which was the equivalent of more than 50 GALLONS of thick nut sludge every single day!! The extraordinarily virile young stallion could fill a bathtub to overflowing with just two days of his supremely copious emissions, a feat that would take a normal man virtually his entire lifetime to achieve!

In truth, Doc had collected more than enough of Brick’s magnificent sperm from the very first canister that Claw had filled to satisfy all of his vile needs. Why, there was enough sperm cells in that one container alone to impregnate every human female on the planet a dozen times, conduct thousands of genetic experiments, and STILL have enough left over to fill a dozen wine glasses to the brim and toast the downfall of the heroically handsome and fantastically muscular young hero! So there really was no need to continue collecting the young man’s obscenely copious cum loads. But when the Doc saw just how phenomenally prodigious Brick’s sperm production truly was, and how excited his students and minions were to torture the hated and envied super hero, he decided to keep the extraction going for as long as the young muscle man could last. Besides, each torture was yet another test of the young man’s almighty manhood, and provided Doc with a wealth of data about Brick’s extraordinary abilities.

Also, Doc Evil figured the stud’s poor overworked balls would likely burn themselves out through overuse sooner or later, or that one of his student villains would get too carried away one day and mangle the young man’s magnificent balls into permanent uselessness. So he might was well just keep things going until the young uber hunk naturally met the end of his super human limits.

But Brick just kept beating the odds day after day, enduring unimaginable tortures and pumping out endless supplies of his gloopy man cream. Doc Evil began to wonder, with more than a little bit of awe, if the heroically powerful young hunk might actually survive the entire semester!

Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 3

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 3 - The Claw

Claw stepped forward to stand before the defiant - yet obviously terrified - young super hero, and stood with his upper claws resting on his hips as he drank in and admired the incredibly handsome and sexy sight of the massively muscled young bull stud. “This is gonna be FUN!” he exclaimed, to the laughter and delight of the audience. The assembled villains were all hungry to see this super stud suffer and suffer mightily.

Brick’s gigantic balls had had more than enough time to recover from the dozen or so hammer blows they’d suffered from the massive Behemoth, and now looked as pink and healthy and unharmed as when Doc Evil had first unveiled the super hero less than 30 minutes before. The huge cum tanks were hanging low and loose in their baggy scrotum, and with his mighty, muscular thighs spread open wide, there was nothing to get between Claw and the big meaty prizes swinging so huge and heavy beneath Brick’s 22.5-inch mega cock.

“Let’s start with some love taps!” Claw said, and then began using Brick’s huge hanging ballsac as a speed bag. All four of Claw’s big arms came into play, expertly hammering at the young man’s defenseless nutsac like it was a piƱata full of candy. Brick could only grunt and groan as blow after blow landed square in his bulging balls, causing them to jiggle and swing wildly between his legs. The force of the blows even made his towering column of a penis bob and sway in every direction.

But after five minutes or so, Claw was no closer to causing the young super hero to give up his heavy load, so the four-armed mutant stopped holding back and REALLY let Brick have it. Claw started throwing all of his considerable strength behind each claw-fisted blow, hoping to soften up the ridiculously huge and surprisingly solid bollocks and stir his burgeoning load to the boiling point. He even began hammering brutal upper cuts into the young man’s bouncing balls, all four fists slamming into his balls one after the other so fast the the huge nuggets barely had time to rebound from one punch before they were being clobbered by the next. The hammer blows into the bottom of Brick’s bulging ballsac were so brutal and so powerful that they sent shockwaves throughout his entire enormously muscular body, but the handsome hunk had no choice but to endure the epic clobbering of his bull bollocks, bellowing in futile anger and agony into his red ball gag.

Another five minutes into this abuse, Claw was rewarded when he saw a small trickle of clear precum begin to ooze out of Brick’s mammoth cock and drain down the clear plastic tubing. As the pummeling of the young lad’s mighty bollocks continued, that trickle of precum grew into a stream, and soon a steady river. Claw’s brutal attentions were starting to have their desired effects!

Claw doubled down on his punches and launched an assault on Brick’s balls that no man could possibly endure. He was pulling out all the stops, using every means at his disposal to try to destroy the hero. With four powerful arms, he was able to hammer and pound those screaming bollocks so furiously fast that the gigantic man globes were soon quivering like they were filled with jelly. Claw’s pincer hands were as solid as tempered steel, and the impacts on Brick’s balls were devastating. Yet the young man continued to endure, and the flow of slick lust honey from his heroically huge and rigid cock continued to increase.

Twenty minutes into the assault, Brick’s grunts and bellows of pain started turning into groans and moans of mounting pleasure. At the same time, the flow of precum from his quivering cock started to take on a slightly milky quality, and Claw knew that the big handsome lug was nearing the tipping point. The other students in the auditorium were loudly cheering, for they, too, could see that Claw was nearing his goal, and they were eager to see just how big this massive-balled muscle man could cum.

Claw suddenly ceased his hammering assault on Brick’s bright red and slightly swollen bollocks, watching the huge orbs as they wobbled and quieted down to a slow and ponderous swing between the young man’s quivering muscular thighs. He grinned and then exclaimed, “Time to break out the BIG guns!” Claw then opened all four sets of pincers wide. “Which one to start with? Let’s go with Lefty! That big bruiser is hangin’ just a little bit lower than his brother, so he makes an even better target.”

Chuckling at his own humor, Claw slowly extended one pincered arm, its claw one wide, and brought the claw up under the mammoth, sagging nard. Ever so slowly, he began to close his huge claw until the serrated edges began to press against the dense nut meat from both above and below.

And then Claw REALLY began to squeeze.

Brick bellowed in agony as the center of his massive bull nut was immediately crushed to less than half its usual width, caught in the nut-cracking grasp of the huge, jagged claw. His huge bull nut ballooned out to either side, the two halves bulging larger and larger as the closing claw threatened to bisect the huge bollock right down the middle. Brick’s cock gave a mighty lurch in response, and a small spurt of thick seed shot into the clear rubber tube. It was a paltry amount of cum, really, about as much as a typical mortal man could produce, and the assembled villains were tremendously disappointed at the sight. Another pulsating lurch followed, and then another, and another, each time spurting out just a small squirt of rather thin semen. What a shame — the stud had such phenomenally huge balls, one would have thought he’d have a similarly massive cum load, but apparently that wasn’t to be.

“Seriously dude?!” Claw exclaimed. “That’s it?! That’s all you’ve got?! You’ve got a set of unbelievably huge lug nuts that would make a Brahma bull jealous, and THAT’S as much as you cum!?!? I don’t care what the Doc says; these huge nuts of yours are almost worthless, and I don’t think you deserve ‘em. So great ready to kiss ol’ Lefty goodbye!”

Claw brought up two more of his pincers, set the open claws carefully over the two massive bubbles of tortured nut meat, and then closed both claws down with all of his might. Claw fully intended to shatter than goliath gonad with his huge pincers. Instead, his brutal action unleashed a torrent of sperm unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

Brick’s humongous left bollock was crimped to the brink of splitting in three separate places, causing the egg-shaped orb to distort hideously into shapes that no man’s ball was ever meant to endure. But the mighty bull ball refused to burst, and instead both massive nards began to visibly convulse and contract in their sac. Brick uttered a deafening bellow of agony and release as the first titanic bolt of spunk erupted from his pulsating dick.

Apparently those earlier short spurts of cum were just precursors to the veritable flood of sperm trapped inside the young man’s colossal cajones.

The first gigantic slug of cum was so thick and so copious that it filled the plastic tubing completely. The machine’s voracious suction quickly whisked that first blast into the waiting receptacle, the huge wad landing in the bottom of the container with a wet and gloopy SPLAT. None of the men in the room could believe the sheer VOLUME of that single enormous splurt of cum, for it contained more thick, chunky cum than any of them could produce in a WEEK of steady milking.

But as they were soon to learn, that was merely the beachhead of Brick’s colossal cumload.

A second mighty pulse of cum followed, and then a third, and then a fourth, all just as titanic and powerful as the first, steadily filling the bottom of the 5-liter canister. Everyone in the room, including Doc Evil himself, was completely awed by what they were seeing. Even Claw temporarily forgot what he was doing, watching mesmerized as pulse after pulse after huge, lush pulse of prime stud cream was pounding out of Brick’s behemoth of a cock, only to be sucked away into the waiting canister.

But by the 12th or 15th mammoth burst of spunk, Claw regained his wits and began to clamp down harder than ever with his three claws, trying to chop Brick’s straining left nut into four broken chunks. The handsome and heroically muscular hero threw back his head and bellowed even louder than ever, and the intensity of his orgasm actually increased, if that was even possible. Claw used his fourth arm to start punching and hammering at the straining bubbles of man meat bulging out to either side of his crunching claws. The brutal blows threatened to burst those screaming segments of nearly-quartered ball, but somehow Brick’s almighty man egg endured as his loins continued to pump out what had to be the greatest load in human history!

Brick’s orgasm raged onward with no end in sight. 20 wads became 30, and then 40, and then 50, never losing a fraction of their intensity or an ounce of their massive volume! It wasn’t until more than two minutes — and 80 magnificent cum wads — into his thunderous, earth-shattering orgasm that the time between blasts began to increase, and the volume of each blast start to diminish. Even then, it was a good minute or more later before the last chunky dregs of Brick’s unbelievably titanic load belched into the waiting suction tube.

There was near silence in the room for several long moments after that, broken only by the ragged breathing of the hunky hero as he struggled to recover from his epic release. Claw slowly released his death grip on Brick’s nearly busted left bollock, and watched in awe as the titanic teste quickly plumped back up to its full size and shape. Other than turning an angry shade of red, with bruising visible where each of the three claws had clamped down and nearly bisected the gigantic nut, the mammoth orb looked intact and unharmed. The young super hero clearly had a mighty set of stones indeed!

Claw looked at the clear plastic canister, and was even more stunned to see that it was more than four-fifths full! The mighty Brick Haus had just jettisoned just over four liters — that’s more than an entire GALLON!!! — of the thickest, chunkiest, gloopiest spunk he had ever seen! The kid was just UNREAL!

“Well, congratulations Claw!” Doc Evil said, the first to recover his voice and shake himself back to reality. “That’s an extraordinarily impressive volume to obtain, especially for Brick’s very first milking! You’ve done an excellent job and will get an A+ on this assignment!”

“But Doc,” Claw said, a wicked grin on his face, “I’m not done yet! I’ve only tortured ONE of Brick’s big balls. Ol’ Righty is still hangin’ there, nearly untouched and just aching for my strong embrace!”

Doc Evil chuckled and said, “You’re right, Claw, and my apologies! Please, by all means, proceed with his second ball. Though I’ll be surprised if you can get more than a few dribbles from his huge bollocks at this point. I can only imagine Brick’s huge balls must be pretty tapped out after an orgasm like that!”

“Oh, I dunno Doc,” Claw said, gently lifting up Brick’s relatively untouched right ball in one of his clawed hands. “These big beauties still feel mighty full. Heavy as fuck and just THROBBIN’ with juices! I’ll bet ol’ Brick here has plenty more to give us!”

So saying, Claw squeezed down with his pincered hand, brutally crushing the mammoth gland trapped in his serrated claw. Brick once again cried out in agony, his massive muscles flexing to even greater glory as he tried to endure the worst pain he’d ever felt in his life. Claw brought up two more pincers, placing them on either side of the lad’s nearly bisected nut, but before squeezing down, he placed his fourth claw around Brick’s massive cock shaft, right behind the swollen head. All at the same time, he squeezed down all four claws with all of the strength he could muster.

The result was epic. Brick threw back his head and brayed an inhuman cry of utter agony. Not only was his mighty right nut crushed to the brink of bursting, but his humongous cock shaft was partially crushed as well, making his huge, bulbous cock head swell to even more gigantic proportions. And as a second massive orgasm was instantly triggered in Brick’s aching loins, he quickly realized why Claw had clamped down on his mega schlong. With his thick cum tube — and hence the rubber suction tubing as well — completely clamped off, not a single drop of sperm could escape past the mutant’s clutching pincer.

Brick’s mammoth load began to back up in his internal plumbing, causing him even greater agony as his loins tried to accommodate the steadily growing volume of sperm that was pulsing to escape his body. The massive cum tube running along the underside of Brick’s magnificent horse cock began to swell and expand, growing thicker and wider than ever as it tried to contain both the invading suction tube AND the lad’s burgeoning cum load. And STILL Claw showed no sign of relenting, brutally crushing one of Brick’s beyond-massive balls while his mighty bull cock threatened to explode from the strain of his trapped mega load.

“Careful there, Claw,” Doc Evil admonished. “Brick’s huge cock looks like it’s nearing critical mass. I intend to milk a great deal more of the stud super sperm from his massive balls, and to do that, I need him to have a functioning penis.”

“Don’t worry there, Doc! I know what I’m doing,” the cocky Claw said, full of confidence. But the other villains in the audience feared that the mutant’s self-assuredness might be misplaced, for the underside of Brick’s cock had swollen to ridiculous proportions. His mammoth cum tube looked to be three or even FOUR times its original size, and was still growing! It almost looked like a second huge dick was forming on the underside of Brick’s mammoth schlong! How much more could his tortured cock take before its huge cum tube simply exploded?!?

Brick’s cries and grunts of pain were growing more urgent and desperate, for the young man could also tell that his internal plumbing was being redlined beyond all conceivable capacity. He had never needed to cum so badly in his whole life, and he feared that his entire crotch would burst before he got the chance.

At the last possible moment, Claw finally relented and released his crushing grip on Brick’s freakishly straining monster cock.

Instantly, the most colossal deluge of sperm imaginable began to thunder out of the young man’s  pulsating loins. Even the industrial strength suction machine was struggling to keep up with the unbelievable volume of spume that was rocketing out of Brick’s bloated cock. Instead of separate pulses of cum, the young hero’s smegma was blasting out in one continuous torrent, the extreme pressures built up inside his loins causing the sperm to burst out as if from a high powered fire hose.

Brick continued to bellow and roar in unimaginable agony, his entire body bucking and writhing against his immovable restraints. His massive cock was actually swelling even BIGGER with the young man’s desperate need to purge his loins, and it seemed at any moment, his massive schlong might split up the entire length, bursting in a spectacular explosion of beefy man flesh and sperm.

But somehow, miraculously, Brick’s genitals continued to endure!

It took more than half a minute before the constant deluge of sperm began to separate into separate salvos of cum. Brick’s horrifically bloated cock began to quickly deflate back to its normally prodigious size as it continued to pound out a load that looked like it was going to be just as massive as the first, if not bigger!

Sure enough, Brick’s second orgasm lasted even longer than his first, and in the end produced 4.25 liters of fresh stud jizz. Near the end of the young man’s mammoth load, Claw released two of his pincers from Brick’s tortured right nut, and instead placed them over the meaty nubs of the young man’s proud nipples and clamped down HARD. Brick screamed in renewed agony, his thick paps feeling like they were about to be snipped right off of his body. But the action succeeded in making the final five or six pulses of the young hero’s cum even more massive and lush than any that had come before.

Finally, Brick’s second orgasm was complete, and his behemoth balls temporarily depleted.

Claw used his huge pincer fists to land a few dozen more blows into the young man’s bruised and battered nuts, clobbering them with a violence that couldn’t be believed, and trying unsuccessfully to coax even more sperm out of the man’s battered cum tanks. The evil mutant landed one last blow, striking the huge sac of mangled nuts with all four claws at the same time, utterly crushing the massive orbs from four sides at once. Claw was certain that he had finally succeeded in shattering the young bull’s mighty nuts once and for all, but as he retracted his huge fists, he could only stare in amazement as both of Brick’s huge balls plumped right back up to their oblong, egg-like shapes. Both mighty nuts were glowing an angry red bordering on purple and felt like they had halfway been turned to mush, but they had survived intact.

Thunderous applause erupted from the other mutants lining the auditorium. Even more mutants had filed in during Claw’s abuse of Brick’s massive equipment, attracted by the bellows of agony and the raucous cheers of the rowdy crowd. The audience had already doubled in size, and more mutants were entering the room all the time. This was obviously going to be a lecture that would go down in legend, and everyone at the academy wanted to be present!

Doc Evil addressed the eager and excited crowd, saying, “I want each of you to get a chance to maul the spunk out of this super hero’s massive bull nuts. Sign up sheets are available here at the front of the class. Each slot starts at the top of the hour and lasts for 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes of each hour is allocated to allow Brick’s balls to heal the worst of the damage done to them, hopefully allowing them to be fresh and fully healed for the next student. I’m not sure if even HIS extraordinary recuperative powers will be able to keep up with the levels of abuse I’m anticipating from each of you, but we’ll see how it goes…”

“Young Brick is going to be milked 24/7, but the hours from 10 PM and 6 AM are blocked off to provide the stud some amount of rest before the next day’s tortures. These hours are STRICTLY prohibited for torture practice.”

Doc gave a hard and steady glare to the rowdy students, chastening some of them and quieting the room down.

“Awards will be given at the end of the young man’s marathon milking for the largest number of orgasms attained in 45 minutes, the greatest volume of sperm in a single orgasm, and the greatest volume of sperm produced in a 45-minute torture session. Good luck class, and remember, no permanent damage to our handsome guest!”

“At least not until I’ve drained him completely dry…”

Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 2

Hey there gentle readers! 

I wanted to give you all a heads up that Chapter 5 of this particular saga will be posted on multiple days, as each sub-chapter features a different super villain inflicting his or her own special brand of unforgettable agony and harm on young Brick Haus. I'm therefore giving you an early heads up that I will be happily soliciting ideas from all of you! 

What is your favorite fantasy villain? What super power would that villain use on our captive muscle hunk? What tortures would you inflict upon the angelically handsome, fantastically muscular, and monstrously hung hero? I've been focusing most of the brutal abuse on the super lad's colossal and meaty testicles, but I certainly welcome tortures to other parts of the handsome stud's spectacular body as well. 

Post your suggestions and ideas in the comment box, and I'll try to flesh each idea out into its own sub-chapter. The more information and details you can give to me, the more likely I'll be able to give you your own chapter in return. In fact, if you want to try your hand at writing an entire sub-chapter yourself, I think that's fantastic. I always enjoy reading other people's ball busting fantasies.


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 2 - The Extractor

As several assistants began rolling some heavy mechanical equipment into the room, Doc Evil continued to address his class. “Here at the academy, we’re always searching for ways to unlock mutant genes and create ever more powerful super men. Every mutant, even our most powerful enemies (and perhaps especially our most powerful enemies), can be a source of vast genetic potential. And no mutant alive today has as much extraordinary genetic potential as young Brick Haus.”

Doc leaned over and gently scooped up Brick’s mammoth left nut into his hand. The colossal orb was a bit battered and bruised looking, particularly after having been singled out by Behemoth for an individualized beating, but the massive ball was still obviously intact and full of raw male power. The gigantic rubbery gonad looked even more massive than ever cradled in Doc Evil’s hand, filling his open palm to beyond overflowing. “This stud’s gigantic nuts,” he continued, “hold the key to unlocking almost limitless potential. If we can isolate the genes that give rise to Brick’s phenomenal powers, then we could breed a whole new generation of super mutants, an army of unstoppable super soldiers! We may even be able to perform gene therapy some day on the mutants right here in this room, giving YOU the unstoppable strength, stamina, and healing abilities of the great super hero you see displayed before you.”

“But in order to begin our experiments, we first need to obtain samples of the young stud’s DNA. And that’s where ‘The Extractor’ comes in.”

Doc Evil stepped over to the new equipment and continued, “My experiments require the sperm cells residing in Brick’s bulging bull balls. My research has shown that semen obtained while the subject is under extreme duress provides the best results, leading to increased volumes of seminal output combined with a greater potential of unlocking mutant genes. I therefore intend to milk this bull cow of his seed for an extended period of time, all while giving each of my students a chance to practice their ball bashing techniques on this mighty muscle man.”

The eager and excited murmurs that erupted throughout the room at these words spoke to just how much the students wished to exact revenge upon Brick and other ‘do gooder’ super heroes for the humiliations they had suffered in the past. Brick couldn’t help but wince at the cheers and cat calls that Doc Evil’s words produced, and he knew that he would soon be in for a world of pain unlike anything he had ever before experienced.

Doc Evil raised his hands, quickly quieting down the packed auditorium before continuing. “Remember, this hunky hulk has fantastically tough and powerful balls, so feel free to push his limits. But do keep in mind that I don’t want him permanent damaged or destroyed. Well, at least not until I’ve extracted all of the supreme alpha male seed that I need.” More chuckles from the audience. “So take care to not annihilate his meaty testicles entirely. Bash them, squeeze them, stretch them, pummel them, do whatever strikes your fancy. Just do not cut them off and do not rupture them, as I highly doubt even HIS powers of healing could mend that sort of damage.”

Doc pressed a button, causing the head of the steel table to tilt upward and the feet to tilt downward, moving Brick from a supine to an upright position within his heavy restraints. He then grasped Brick’s foot plus of uncut flaccid bull cock and started to frig the massive member, right there in front of his students!

Despite the pain still radiating from his recently battered cock and balls, Brick’s super powered libido was so great that he couldn’t resist the evil doctor’s ministrations for long. The handsome super hunk clenched his rugged jaw and squeezed his blue eyes shut, trying to resist the powerful sensations coming from Doc Evil’s expert hand job, but his perpetually horny and oversexed body betrayed him. His mammoth horse cock began to thicken and lengthen and harden, growing to ever more majestic proportions as it began to lift from the cradle of his muscular crotch. The many pairs of eyes in the room grew wider and wider as the already prodigious cock steadily grew to ever more mind blowing proportions. In a matter of minutes, Brick’s colossal cock attained legendary proportions, looking more like some sort of meaty battering ram than an actual human penis. The massive purplish head had swollen to the size of a large man’s fist and slipped partway out of its fleshy foreskin hood, while the shaft had taken on a power and might that was frightening to behold. At full hardness, the monstrous shaft had a shallow downward curve that only served to add to its unspeakably powerful and masculine appeal. Doc Evil quickly whipped out a measuring tape and set of calipers, expertly obtaining the dimensions of Brick’s tumescent bull cock before once again turning to his rapt audience. Even Doc Evil’s normally jaded countenance now wore a look of surprise and awe as he began to speak once more.

“There you have it, my friends! I present to you the largest, most magnificent bull cock on the entire planet! From mammoth root to bulbous tip, Brick’s titanic penis measures an utterly unprecedented 22.5 inches in length! That’s very nearly two full FEET of rock hard bull cock!! And the circumference at the widest part of the shaft is an extraordinary 13.25 inches! Talk about girthy!! There’s not an orifice on any mortal woman or man that could hope to accommodate such tremendous bulk, let alone its impossible length! I would therefore hazard to guess that our handsome friend here is still very much a virgin!!”

The villains in the audience erupted in laughter, loudly taunting the bound super hero. Brick blushed in extreme embarrassment, confirming that the Doc’s assumption was indeed correct — the achingly handsome young man had never had sex with anyone or anything, for he was simply too monstrously hung to fuck. Doc Evil almost felt sorry for the handsome lad — almost — before turning back to his audience and addressing them once again.

“As you may have guessed, The Extractor requires that the subject be in a perpetually aroused state. This clear rubber tubing is inserted down the male’s urethra as far as it will go, while the other end of the tubing empties into one of these five-liter plastic canisters. The canisters themselves can be easily changed once one is filled, and the full canister can then be placed into cryo storage until it is time for experimentation or implantation.”

“The most important piece of equipment is the Extractor Machine itself, which is essentially a high-powered vacuum device. Once turned on, the machine will exert suction down the entire length of the rubber tubing, helping to draw the sperm right out of the subject’s balls. The machine has a very wide range of settings, and I’ve personally only ever used the lower third of those settings. Even the lowest settings exert a considerable amount of force, and the medium settings can easily cause even the strongest and biggest balls to actually implode and get sucked out through the device! So we’ll start with a low setting on our young stallion here, and perhaps work our way up over time…”

Doc Evil then grasped Brick’s gently pulsating cock right behind the head, his big hand barely able to encompass even half of the circumference of the gigantic shaft. “Getting the tubing down the subject’s cum tube can be difficult, particularly since the hose has to be large enough to fully occupy the cum tube itself in order to prevent any sperm from oozing around the outside of the tubing. I have therefore lubricated the exterior of this tubing to help ease its passage. But considering that the tubing I’ve selected for our handsome young guest here is just over an inch in diameter, its insertion is going to cause big Brick a certain amount of…discomfort.”

Loud chuckles echoed across the auditorium as the students eagerly awaited the insertion of the thick plastic tubing. Brick once again struggled mightily in a futile effort to break free, but could do nothing as the tip of the tubing was forced past the delicate lips of his cum hole. He hissed through gritted teeth as Doc Evil roughly shoved the first four inches of the tubing down his cum shaft, and then continued to buck and moan as inch after inch of the slick tubing was forced down into his internal plumbing. The lad’s already enormous cum tube began to bulge even bigger as the tubing worked its way down the long fleshy tunnel. In the end, more than 24 inches of the clear plastic tubing were inserted down the length of Brick’s colossal schlong, traveling deep into the young man’s muscular groin and into the buried root of his magnificent bull cock.

Doc Evil flipped a switch on the machine, and a low hum could be heard throughout the room. Brick’s eyes grew wide and he grunted in surprise, his whole body flexing as he could feel a strong and insistent suction deep in the very root of his manhood. All was in readiness.

“Incidentally, in order to keep our guest fully hydrated and well fed, IV needles hidden in his wrist restraints will be supplying our hero with a constant stream of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients. We want to keep him big and strong and cranking out tremendous amounts of his rich, thick sperm, after all!”

“So who would like to take the first crack at Brick’s cum-bloated bollocks?”

“I will!” came a shout from the left side of the auditorium. A large man stood up and spread his arms out wide…all four of them. Each of his powerful arms ended in an oversized set of pincers, rather similar to lobster claws. Not surprisingly, the mutant’s name was Claw, and a huge grin spread across his face as he descended the steps toward the bound super hero.